Sensyt - Perception


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Jan 13, 2017
Hey guys.

Norwegian dude here so excuse my grammar. After years of playing drums in bands varying from
thrash metal to early pink floydish music, I have finally recorded my own EP called Perception under the name Sensyt, which will have it`s release early next week. All intrument recording and mixing is done by yours truly. The drums were recorded with a shitty cheap set of drum mics for the bassdrum and toms with a sm57 on the snare and a single overhead mic as well. Guitars/bass were recored through a Line 6 guitar port. My issues with my mix on this EP is the boxy sound overall and the freq on the cymbals. After weeks of trying out different things, I just said f**k it and sent my songs in for distribution. I appreciate all feedback both mixing wise and song wise.