1. D

    Domesticated Minds New Album explores a wide dynamic range from ethereal ambience to brutal technical death metal

    Hey Metal lovers and psychonaughts exploring ethereal realms, 🎸🌑 Looking to explore the depths of mind, but worried about civilization collapse? 🔥🌍🔥 Enter " A Molochian Nightmare" which reaches into the otherwordly ambience at the edge of awareness and get punched in the face with brutal...
  2. Prestissimoband

    A dark meditative jam I recently made a video for: Prestissimo - Cerebral Ignition

    Cerebral Ignition is off my recent EP Heart of an Inferno: If like you liked my video check out the track Fire Chant: another slow burning meditative jam... If you need something more aggressive but still acoustic focused...
  3. Prestissimoband

    I just self-produced an EP of primitive, dark, acoustic music. FFO: Enslaved/Opeth/Wardruna

    Prestissimo - Heart of an Inferno. Primitive/acoustic instrumentation with epic and ambient vibes. Listen/download on my bandcamp page: To highlight some tracks: Cerebral Ignition: a slow burning guitar and bass jam with some vocal touches. Fire Chant - A melodic soundtrack to your...
  4. damako3

    Diveradiant - Absence (EP - 2020)

    A conceptual, most part of it, instrumental, solo project from Belgrade, Serbia. Phillip Mann is doing an awesome job here. Leaping between the layers of Atmosphere, Ambience & Experiment with great integrity and balance. A must for all fans of the genre! BandCamp Link, Facebook Link...
  5. Dafn

    Dafn - Sifr [Atmospheric Black Metal]

    An atmospheric black metal EP, drawing from influences like Agalloch, Alcest, Ulver, Darkthrone and many more. Every song is a tale in itself, mixing cascading fury with soft melodies, and Sifr ("zero") strings these beads together. Bandcamp:
  6. K

    Hello there

    I am one half of Waterlife, a prog metal/ambient band from Chicago IL. Check our current song out called "Reflection" and hope you enjoy. EP will come out November 23rd on all streaming outlets. We feature heavy riffing, with ambient sound elements on this song with both clean and harsh vocals.
  7. H

    New Solo Project (Instrumental Prog/Djent)

    Hey guys, I'm releasing a new album soon under my solo project! Check out my new play through, and let me know what you think! And if you're interested, you can check out my older work at
  8. Eetsheet

    (death, prog) Bass Player needed for recording

    Hi everybody If you are a bass player and if you can record yourself you are the one this is a rough mix of one of the songs I recorded if you are interested let me know there is 3 more song
  9. P

    "When Bitter Spring Sleeps" creates new vocal style / new single for "CosmiCathedraLumination"

    "When Bitter Spring Sleeps" launches single for "CosmiCathedraLumination" On August 31,, When Bitter Spring Sleeps will celebrate the return to underground metal with the stunning new full-length, Star-Thrown. While honoring WBSS' pagan black metal roots, Star-Thrown adds choral vocals, and...
  10. A

    Harrowing Slumber - dark soundscape/ritualistic ambient - CD out now

    A.T.R. presents... Harrowing Slumber - 'Sleepwalking the Path of Ea' full-length, glass mastered digipak CD. Available now. Self-described 'Eremitic Night Music' from rural South Wiltshire, England, carefully crafted between MMXVI - MMXVII for solitary nocturnal listening. Listen: ᛠ - ᛠ...
  11. MEHEN

    MEHEN - One man project

    Hi guys, I'm here to present my musical project named 'MEHEN'. In Ancient Egypt, 'MEHEN' is a protective deity who is depicted as a snake which coils around Ra during his journey through the night. Composing, recording and mixing this music helps me to get away from my darkest days during my...
  12. B

    atmospheric black metal - bitter lake - distortions in sombre

    I just released my debut album, you can preview on SC - or stream on Bandcamp - Youtube full stream - Thanks for reading and all criticism and praise is appreciated! ----
  13. J

    Jordan Henderson - Full Circle EP

    Hi, my name is Jordan Henderson and this is my EP Full Circle! Check it out. All of the guitars, bass, synths, and drums are written and sampled by me. The drums are real. Hope you all enjoy. Bandcamp link - SoundCloud link...
  14. S

    Sensyt - Perception

    Hey guys. Norwegian dude here so excuse my grammar. After years of playing drums in bands varying from thrash metal to early pink floydish music, I have finally recorded my own EP called Perception under the name Sensyt, which will have it`s release early next week. All intrument recording and...
  15. JQN

    VORNOFF "Lesions" available digitally - free download!

    A compilation of previously unreleased Vornoff tunes dating from 2004-2006 can be downloaded for free now via Bandcamp. They were edited and remixed a little in 2016. Murky, morose, and utterly haunting lo-fi ambient music that will leave you in a foul mood...
  16. JQN


    "Mountains, Myth & Murder", the fourth full-length incantation by the Danish experimental metal act PICTURE ANN, is available for download and streaming on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Musically and lyrically, the album covers quite a lot of ground and yet the main themes associated with PICTURE...
  17. ErikDismembered

    Erik Dismembered - In The Face Of Cataclysm Album Pre-Order

    / Hello all! I have a concept record I am promoting. It's a mix of ambient progressive metal and american heavy metal. There is a mix of instrumentals also on this release. It's a 11 song release I am selling for $5 bucks. It tells the story of a race called the Nomads that are starting a...
  18. Belomith

    Belomith - Full demo (Solo Black Metal Project)

    Last time I posted on this thread I had two or three songs up, I released my full demo a couple of weeks ago. "Within the depths of Suicide." is the title of this project, you can check it out for free on ReverbNation, as well as follow my project on Facebook. I already have a new demo in the...
  19. abaga129

    CTR FX Pack

    Looking to add some unique sounds and effects to your mixes? Then CTR FX Pack is designed for you. Samples ranging from dreadfully eerie, to calm ambiance. These samples will help give your mix that 3-D sound you've been looking for. They are great for intros and outros, or just to add an...