The Apprentice

Looking to add some unique sounds and effects to your mixes? Then CTR FX Pack is designed for you. Samples ranging from dreadfully eerie, to calm ambiance. These samples will help give your mix that 3-D sound you've been looking for. They are great for intros and outros, or just to add an extra feel during special parts of the mix. And don't forget about the reverses and other effects that are great before drops and breakdowns. All of these effects are yours to use as you choose for commercial or personal projects.

CTR FX Pack is designed mostly for use in modern metal genres such as metalcore, post-hardcore, djent, and other similar genres, but can also be applied in various EDM scenarios and any other music or film genres if you need to add ambiance or eerie effects.

All files are stereo 24-bit wav files rendered at a 44.1k sample rate.

For examples and to purchase the pack go to: