1. T

    Hello, I am new here, need help with mixing!!

    Hello dear people of UM Forum, i'm new on this forum, after endless searches for improving my mixing, i decided to turn to the best resource possible. humans! so the thing is , i know how to use DAW's and how to record and i do use drums but whenever i record and mix something , i keep...
  2. F

    Is anybody outthere who wishes to help us with mixing and mastering a metal song?

    Hello everyone.We have a band from 2014 our first job was an e.p album, that was released the same year with very good feedback, the gender is melodic death metal,with thrashcore elements and many angry vocals. After the release of the e.p for some years and because the obligations for all the...
  3. DevelopDevice

    Superior Drummer 3 in Metalcore music

    One more audio sample from the new SD3 All sounds are new Core library. Mixed 100% internally, within SD3. Only one output is sent to Cubase. No further processing. CUBASE PREMIXED TEMPLATE: Mixing & mastering by Develop Device
  4. DevelopDevice

    CUBASE PREMIXED TEMPLATE - American Metalcore

    Sound sample: DAW: Steinberg Cubase 7.5 and higher (including "Artist"). For versions "Elements" and below can not fully guarantee 100% functionality. VST Instruments: Naughty Seal Audio PERFECT DRUMS VST Plugins: See pictures of the product for more info...
  5. DevelopDevice

    ALL Cubase premixed templates for $2!!

    Hi there! I've got news for you, that you are sure to please! Now you can get ALL Cubase premixed templates for the symbolic sum of $2. YES, THAT'S RIGHT, $2! Check it out and share with friends! Develop Device on Patreon: All this you can get for $2...
  6. DevelopDevice

    All DAW templates with a 50% discount!!

    Autumn SALE! All templates with a 50% discount!! Offer is a limited time, so do not hesitate. Check it out: Thank you very much for the massive support and have a nice day!
  7. DevelopDevice

    SD2 "Tesseract" style / Cubase Project + SD2 Preset

    Premixed template for FREE. Today Only!
  8. DevelopDevice

    Periphery - Ragnarok│Mixing tips│Cubase 8.5

    Replication classic Periphery sound :) What do you think?
  9. P-Keisari

    Free guitar cab / impulse loader help?

    Hi! I'm not that familiar with those free amp simulators, but I've heard, that there are couple of some really nice ones out there. Only one that I'm familiar with is the Poulin LeGion, which sounds rather nice IF you have a decent cabinet simulator, which I haven't been able to find. Every free...
  10. DevelopDevice

    CUBASE PREMIXED TEMPLATE - Progressive / Metalcore style

    Cubase premixed template / Progressive Metalcore style Buy now: I have prepared for you another series of "Cubase premixed templates". This time in the style of progressive metalcore! I hope that you will enjoy it again. :) Enjoy and happy mixing! DAW: Steinberg...
  11. DevelopDevice

    Superior Drummer 2 / "Djent style" premixed Cubase template / SD2 preset

    Superior Drummer 2 / "Djent style" premixed Cubase template / SD2 preset DRUMS IN FULL MIX: GET NOW: Do you like the Periphery and stylish similar bands? Yes? So this premixed Cubase template is just for you! Do not break your head adjustment and mixing .. just...
  12. DevelopDevice

    Cubase pre-mixed template

    Hi there, I prepared Cubase template built only EZMix 2. Nothing more needed. If anybody cares, more info in the description below the video :) Have nice day.