1. A

    ARCHETYPE X - Death Metal from Barcelona

  2. P

    Puncture Wound

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to share my band with you all. Established in 2016, Puncture Wound is an old school death metal band based on the Gold Coast. Would love for everyone to check us out and hear your opinions.. Everything can be accessed through this link.. music, clips etc...
  3. MörkasteMörk

    What is this genre? Deathmetal?

  4. metalmakerundertaker

    Looking for upcoming Metal bands to be promoted - YouTube Channel Battling Bands Of The Underworld

    If your looking for somewhere to show off you songs albums live shows or something metal related Apply to my YouTube channel leave a comment On kill the farmers with link to channel to this post or my profile on this forum site. Or message I don't care what style...
  5. martinantonsson

    New single released by Curse of Eibon

    Swedish melodical death/occultband Curse of Eibon ( has released the second single called Dagon! Spotifylink: Youtube:
  6. A

    Vulture Locust - "Command Presence" (WAV ZIP Full Album) Extreme Metal + Grindcore BEST Quality

    Extreme Metal & Grindcore from Portland Oregon VULTURE LOCUST Best WAV Version Debut Studio Album Command Presence" 2015 15 Tracks Vicious & Savage Grind Best Quality Anywhere Online Link 1 - http://www[.]mediafire[.]com/file/imzqnfrcoamhyuy/ Link 2 -...
  7. br00talaudio

    Raw Deathmetal/Core Drums For Mixing.

    Give it a try guys, feel free to add in other instruments or vocals too. Please share your work here! Tempo 135
  8. DjaseBal

    Mix/Master Services <24hr Turnaround

    I'm only charging $50-75 per single for the next 2 days. I can get a fully edited, mixed and mastered single back to you by the end of today. The offer stands until the end of tomorrow. Email me for more details and mixing examples at I work with all styles of heavy...
  9. P

    Shredding Skin - Swedish Groove Death Metal from Norway

    Hello there! If you want some brand new tunes to your ears please check out my band - Shredding Skin. We are a "Swedish Groove Death Metal band from Norway" and we got 2 singles out at the moment and soon an EP. We are at social medias as well so PLEASE go to our pages, listen to us, follow...
  10. Gabe Rosa

    *Greetings from ONTARIO CANADA!!!

    Hey guys, my name is Gabe Rosa. I play lead guitar in a Thrash/Death metal band called Raider from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada! I'm new to the forums and just kinda wana introduce myself to everyone! Where is everyone from and what are some of your favorite Thrash or Death metal bands? Some of...
  11. T

    LAST LEGION release "Muspelheim"

    LAST LEGION RELEASE LONG AWAITED SOPHOMORE ALBUM “MUSPELHEIM” New York City based Viking Metallers LAST LEGION have released their second full-length album “Muspelheim” in conjuction with hard rock/metal label Gravel Entertainment. “Muspelheim” is available now on Compact Disc and all major...
  12. darkpath

    The Best Christmas Gift For Metalheads!!!

    Still feeling confused want to give what to your Christmas gifts? Here I want to give a recommendation of Christmas gift for Metalhead like us. Check this out!! You can get this shirt here : You can get this shirt here : You can get...
  13. AFTRR

    Canadian Death Metal AFTRR debut

    Canadian Death Metal AFTRR debut Cheers, Download for free and enjoy
  14. AFTRR

    Canadian Death Metal AFTRR debut

    Canadian Death Metal Cheers, download and enjoy, AFTRR
  15. AFTRR

    Canadian Death Metal AFTRR Debut Release (bandcamp)

    Canadian Death Metal Cheers, download for free and enjoy AFTRR
  16. B

    Abhordium - Omega Prayer (October 2017)

    Abhordium is a Blackened Death Metal band from Salo, Finland. It was formed in 2005 and the style has been chaotic and brutal from the beginning. Omega Prayer is the second full-length album by them. On this album the band delivers more straight-forward approach, also adding even darker and...
  17. F

    Vile Apparition-Atrocious Captivity (DEATH METAL)

    Three track Demo comprised of merciless bludgeoning old school brutal death metal from Australia. In the vein of early Suffocation,Cryptopsy and Ripping Corpse.
  18. darkcloudsoverme

    The Extinction Of DJent. The New Wave of Metal That Is About To Begin.

  19. Acid-Fury

    Acid-Fury First Album [Update]

    !Happy new year everyone! We hope you are having a joyous time during the holidays. It's been quite a while since you've heard news from us, but the time has come! During the time of our absence from the music scene we were writing and composing new music for our forthcoming full length album...
  20. yawp666

    Antikythera - Melodic Death Metal