Looking for upcoming Metal bands to be promoted - YouTube Channel Battling Bands Of The Underworld


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Oct 19, 2020
If your looking for somewhere to show off you songs albums live shows or something metal related Apply to my YouTube channel leave a comment On kill the farmers with link to channel to this post or my profile on this forum site. Or message coreytimminswork@gmail.com. I don't care what style metal you play,religion or anything as long as your having a go and want to get your songs promoted. Thats all that matters.Will be doing youtube reviews of selected band youtube channels and content in aggreance with bands and will be promoted on instagram twitter to promote youtube channels and bandcamp or whatever merch you have.. Look forwards to seeing what you got.

Killadvizer music - Youtube

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1st Band Added : Congratulations Mechanic Blood - Bought The mechanix from their Bandcamp - check it out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmBj5gKmayp3NDIJssAJ6iw Youtube site

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Hey. I believe you commented on my band "Flesh Orchard" the other day. Full album is out now. Would love a review

Cheers Will definitely give a review. Would you like to discuss in private or fine to talk on this forum would just like to run a few thing by you if thats ok? cheers..
Am having a good listen right now, already been through your music but not every song.
Got it all on now on Autoplay from your site am on to song two and I'm hooked.
To me i hear my favourite bands come out through your playing, Cannibal corpse, Deathklok, solo guitars aken to Children Of Bodom to me to something even more elusive with some Zakk Wylde thrown in; just me saying i might be wrong but i like what i'm hearing! Only on to song two! Listening to born to kill right now already like this song on YouTube a few days ago. This song has the makings of an epic song for the ages. Will keep on headbanging once I'm done i'll make my review...
Thanks! I meant to link you to bandcamp. Born to Kill is off the old album. We just put out a new one which is streaming in full here (distributions on other platforms have been slow, but it should be out elsewhere soon) . "Blood Shower" can definitely use some promo, but we are most interested in people reviewing "A Vile Display of Carnage".

You can run things by me PM or on this thread. Doesn't matter