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  1. R

    Riot of Doom

    Hey everyone! I'm Dmitri from Riot of Doom! I'm a metal band based in Ridley PA, this song is called Dark Lust from my latest album "Closure" I would appreciate it if you give it a listen, comment, and like, thanks everyone!
  2. MIWA - HELL IS REAL  - Featuring Miwa - Sean Lee - Billy Sheehan - Mitch Perry - Sean Elg

    MIWA - HELL IS REAL - Featuring Miwa - Sean Lee - Billy Sheehan - Mitch Perry - Sean Elg

    This is our third release. More at \m/
  3. metalmakerundertaker

    Looking for upcoming Metal bands to be promoted - YouTube Channel Battling Bands Of The Underworld

    If your looking for somewhere to show off you songs albums live shows or something metal related Apply to my YouTube channel leave a comment On kill the farmers with link to channel to this post or my profile on this forum site. Or message I don't care what style...
  4. Nivan Sharma

    How fast can I downpick? (What is your Maximum speed Guitarists?)

  5. Sanatoriumband

    SANATORIUM - Guardians Of Deceitful Dawn (official rehearsal video)

    !!! SANATORIUM IS BACK !!! new channel new video
  6. Marcos Pereira

    As I Fall - Humanity's End Mix / Master Multitracks Link

    Link here:
  7. G

    My First Two EPs!

    My name is Gunner and I am a one-man metal band who puts their music on youtube. My first two EPs have been offically released! Spotify: Apple Music: YouTube...
  8. DeathRowPromotionsIreland

    Call To Arms - Vultures

    Hey Guys, My name is Brandon, I am P.R and Business Manager for Death Row Promotions, based in Dublin,Ireland. We are currently promoting an up and coming Metal Band from Dublin called Call To Arms. These guys are absolutely killing it in the metal scene in Ireland. They have released a...
  9. Mactatus

    Melodic/Symphonic black/death metal from Latvia!!! OCULARIS INFERNUM

    We proudly present you our 5 years' hard work- full album "Expired Utopia" is OUT NOW! Available on and on all online streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc.) Enjoy! \m/
  10. T

    Why Am I Alive

    Music Video about suicide
  11. J


    Hi, My name is Jay and i LOVE MUSIC! Can anyone school me to some new bands? I play some bass and want to practice. jaykopbe
  12. R

    Good female metal?

    Starting to get pretty lame trying to browse Spotify for good female fronted metal music, so I was thinking maybe someone could help me out a little bit. I stumbled upon a Swedish metal band the other day "Sins In Vain" and also "Amaranthe" (which I knew from before) that I really liked, but...
  13. modeltechie

    Metal Model, let's make album art!

    Hi Metalheads! I've been a longtime metal fan, been on this forum off and on since college. I'm a full-time traveling model (so if you call me a poser, yes, I'm literally a poser) and am on the cover of the first album for Gone is Gone, a super group made up of members of Mastodon, Queens of...
  14. Onikirimaru004

    “Nadie(Videoclip-Horror Short Film_Official) (2017)”_Nacho Espejo

    “Nadie” (Videoclip-Horror Short Film_Official) (January 2017) Nacho Espejo: After 6 Months of Hard Work during the creation of the Screenplay, recording and editing and Post-Production, Nacho Espejo and his Audiovisuals Team, bring us the third Videoclip-Horror Short Film by Nacho. And again...
  15. Onikirimaru004

    "Al Final de esta Carretera”(At the end of this road) (Videoclip-Horror Short Film)"_Nacho Espejo

    "Al Final de esta Carretera”(At the end of this road) (Official Videoclip-Horror Short Film)"_Nacho Espejo: After 2 years in silence, Nacho Espejo and his Audiovisual team, show us his fifth video. And this time in full HD. Videoclip from his last Theme uploaded to youtube. I'm talking about...
  16. Onikirimaru004

    “La Senda del Dolor(The Pain Path) (Official Lyric Video)_“Nacho Espejo” (2016)

    “La Senda del Dolor(The Pain Path) (Official Lyric Video)_“Nacho Espejo” (2016) Álbum: "El Oscuro Sendero" (2012-2015). Tema de Power Metal Sinfónico, con tintes Góticos. Nacho Espejo y Marcelo Mayer, regresan con fuerza con ésta Ópera Metal de casi 14 minutos de duración. En este Tema, se...
  17. Robert Phantom

    What Makes A Bad Metal Band?

    What's up Metal Heads!! My Name is Robert Phantom I have a Youtube Channel Dedicated to talking about Heavy Metal & Gaming as well as posting my own personal Music and Artwork My question to you is what in your opinion makes a bad metal band? What just ruins a good band for you? Thank You for...