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Mar 31, 2012
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“Nadie” (Videoclip-Horror Short Film_Official) (January 2017) Nacho Espejo:

After 6 Months of Hard Work during the creation of the Screenplay, recording and editing and Post-Production, Nacho Espejo and his Audiovisuals Team, bring us the third Videoclip-Horror Short Film by Nacho. And again in Full HD, of course.

His name is: "Nadie" (No one). A Symphonic Power Metal Theme, belonging to its Album: "El Oscuro Sendero" (The Dark Path) (2012-2015), and something harder than we have accustomed and shorter also, but with the difference that in this occasion what you are going to see, it's more a Short Film than a Videoclip. It's an Horror Short Film with Instrumental Metal (composed by Nacho Espejo and interpreted and with the Musical Arrangements by Marcelo Mayer). And that in the middle of the same shows the Videoclip of the theme "No one". The video clip lasts 4 minutes and is maximum, when the complete video-short film ends and the credits: 19 minutes.

In this Videoclip-Shortfilm, there is an Horror History, in which three brothers (Two girls and one boy), who lost their parents, will discover that one of the girls has some kind of telekinetic and supernatural power, which has been Unleashed by the anger he feels toward his own brothers (Wrath to be different from them, from envy, from never feeling like an equal). This power begins to make you feel unique, special, but it gets out of hand and you have to stop before it's too late.

In this subject, Nacho has composed the vocal melody and some of the instrumental melodies of the orchestration. And Marcelo, has achieved a greater power in Guitars and Arrangements Music, without losing that symphonic and sinister touch that characterizes them.

The Horror Videoclip-Shortfilm is now available on youtube.
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