1. Areyoumorbid

    Godzilla Minus One

    Anyone going to see it today? I'm pretty stoked so far. Everything I've heard from people whose opinion I trust; has been good. Are there any kaiju fans on this forum?
  2. Y

    HI, made a video recently, you might find it interesting

  3. The_Nihilist

    Spinster City, horror music from Herndon, VA (USA) - Debut full-length OUT & FREE

    Spinster City's debut full-length album "The Nihilist" is out & free today 100% horror music Post-metal nightmare songs - an album encapsulating the new and old songwriting styles of Spinster City, all packaged in a cold & primitive studio sound. May the catharsis serve you well You can count...
  4. M

    Brutal Horror Death Metal Shit From Sweden

  5. Onikirimaru004

    “Nadie(Videoclip-Horror Short Film_Official) (2017)”_Nacho Espejo

    “Nadie” (Videoclip-Horror Short Film_Official) (January 2017) Nacho Espejo: After 6 Months of Hard Work during the creation of the Screenplay, recording and editing and Post-Production, Nacho Espejo and his Audiovisuals Team, bring us the third Videoclip-Horror Short Film by Nacho. And again...
  6. Onikirimaru004

    "Al Final de esta Carretera”(At the end of this road) (Videoclip-Horror Short Film)"_Nacho Espejo

    "Al Final de esta Carretera”(At the end of this road) (Official Videoclip-Horror Short Film)"_Nacho Espejo: After 2 years in silence, Nacho Espejo and his Audiovisual team, show us his fifth video. And this time in full HD. Videoclip from his last Theme uploaded to youtube. I'm talking about...
  7. Onikirimaru004

    “La Senda del Dolor(The Pain Path) (Official Lyric Video)_“Nacho Espejo” (2016)

    “La Senda del Dolor(The Pain Path) (Official Lyric Video)_“Nacho Espejo” (2016) Álbum: "El Oscuro Sendero" (2012-2015). Tema de Power Metal Sinfónico, con tintes Góticos. Nacho Espejo y Marcelo Mayer, regresan con fuerza con ésta Ópera Metal de casi 14 minutos de duración. En este Tema, se...
  8. H

    laiho melodies

    Hey! Im new here, so, hey everybody.... dont know anything else to say, but ok. Im actually interested if any of you know where does alexi laiho get his melodic inspiration or ideas from? Is it linked with something or is it onley hes mind? Songs like follow the reaper, living dead beat, bodom...
  9. M

    CANDLE - Occult themed heavy metal

    My band Candle have just released our debut demo, with music inspired by Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Savatage and a great number of other bands. I will post links of all the demo tracks, as well as a youtube link to the whole demo. Let me know what you guys think of it!
  10. E

    isn't it scary?

    Hello. This is Erocona, a Game developer. We're so happy to tell you that Merendam2 is just released Now! Merendam is A mobile adventure horror game set in creepy surroundings where your objective is to escape a ghost infested village that is isolated and deserted. You will need to use your...
  11. shoutatthedevil

    Satan's Hellraisers Of Underground Terror

    Check out the latest full lenght album by the finnish shock rock monsters S.H.O.U.T YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpzwW4C-JpdrXM1dSpQoru7OPmbX9rZ_l SPOTIFY: ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/satans-hellraisers-underground/id1085746730
  12. Pavlos

    Modern Gothic Metal

    Hello all! I am looking for any bands that have these qualities: Gothic style, without being focused on romance (more of a emphasis on horror/fantasy theme) Clean male lead vocals Relatively recent albums (late 90s to present) Easily-accessible (so, not an obscure band that did one recording...
  13. S

    Wanted to introduce myself

    hey I'm new to this forum, wanted to introduce you to my Blackmetal project Embers Of Divinity. It's kind of a cross between all the metal sounds musically with blackmetal vocals and depressive, violent fantasy lyrics.... Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.