drum sample

  1. M

    $1 Drum Sample Pack From Empire Drums

    Hey everyone! I just released a sample pack (3 snares and a kick with WAV files and TCI files for trigger) that I’m selling for just a dollar! In addition to engineering, I build custom snare drums. During a recent recording session, we were using a few of these snares, so I thought I’d make...
  2. musicjohnny

    FREE "Monster Kit" (Wav, Trigger, Kontakt, Drumagog) from Victory Drum Co!

    Hey guys! Here's a link to a free complete sample set (kick, snare, 4 toms) with Wav and .TCI files that sounds SICK! Thought you dudes might enjoy it! http://freestuff.victorydrum.co/victory-drum-co-monster-kit/ Here's are some sound clips: Pack includes Kick, Snare, and 4 Toms. Each has 6...
  3. Swisher 6690/Fasol Record

    Swisher 6690 - Free Kontak Drum Kit (Perfect For Post Hardcore0

    Youtube : Soundcloud : The Drum Sound Is What You Hear On Youtube Or Soundcloud:) For Download : Link : mega.nz/#!klYxULpS Decryption Keys : !lPQiysp-_o48zBLSgfnDkKazpF9Mc1yxKyZBeM_tR3I For More Drum Sample Check : swisher6690.wixsite.com/swisherofficial