$1 Drum Sample Pack From Empire Drums


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Oct 11, 2017
Hey everyone! I just released a sample pack (3 snares and a kick with WAV files and TCI files for trigger) that I’m selling for just a dollar! In addition to engineering, I build custom snare drums. During a recent recording session, we were using a few of these snares, so I thought I’d make some samples for myself. They’ve been my goto samples since then, so I figured I’d share them!


Here are some audio samples:

I’m charging a dollar because I’ve noticed that when I come across free samples or free plugins, I often download them and then completely forget about them. When I have to pay for them (even if it’s cheap), I listen before buying to decide if it’ll be useful to me, and then I actually use them. I’d rather have ten people download and use these as opposed to a thousand people who have them sitting at the bottom of their sample folder, never to be seen again.

The Drums:

-Big Bertha A and B are two alternate tunings of a 14x8 red oak stave snare

-Walnut Snare is a 14x6 walnut stave snare

-Empire Kick is a 24x18 GMS kick

All were recorded in a kick-ass studio through a Neve 8058 console and some other sweet gear.

I’ve never been a fan of samples that come with separate files for snare top, bottom, overhead, room etc. that I then have to mix. It just takes too long for my workflow. That’s why I’ve only included 3 TCI files for each drum: a full blend, a dry file with the just the close mics, and a room only file. This way, you can throw the samples in and move on with minimal messing around.


Let me know what you think!