Universal kick samples (+42 discount coupons)

    The tool does not require any processing! (eq, compress, clipper) You can create your own combinations of unocal sounds. Simple settings for the key of the song left 42 coupon links with a 50% discount
  2. M

    $1 Drum Sample Pack From Empire Drums

    Hey everyone! I just released a sample pack (3 snares and a kick with WAV files and TCI files for trigger) that I’m selling for just a dollar! In addition to engineering, I build custom snare drums. During a recent recording session, we were using a few of these snares, so I thought I’d make...
  3. Blond Panda

    Looking for live drum multitracks

    So I've been looking through the internet, hoping to find some nice sounding live drum tracks because up until now I've only ever really dealt with MIDI drums and I want to learn how to mix live recordings. However I saw myself unable to find anything to satisfy my needs. Most of the older links...
  4. DjaseBal

    Favorite Metal/Deathcore kick drum samples?

    I've upgraded to DrumForge for cymbals but haven't tried put the shells yet. I still use Ssd4 shells. So I thought I would ask what you guys prefer. I also heard a kick I really liked earlier and was wondering anybody could tell me what sample it may be? Link...