1. Jimjack

    Jimjack - Lex Talionis (LP)

    hello, we're Jimjack; A metallic Hardcore from Indonesia. listen & follow us on Spotify regards |m|
  2. E

    Varoshan - ...And Then The Rains Came - Debut album by progressive doom/sludge metal band

    Varoshan is a fresh metal band with Finnish and British members. The music combines many styles ranging from progressive post-metal to sludge-influenced hardcore metal. Fans of Neurosis, My Dying Bride, Converge and Iommi will find familiar features in the music. The album will be released...
  3. G

    Guattari - sludgy beatdown metallic thing

    Hey folks, so this is a band that we started in 2007, but gave up on a few years later. Come 2019, we got our shit together and recorded the EP Demiurge. We are releasing a single in a few weeks, and another EP at the end of summer. If you're into anything like The Acacia Strain, Gojira, or...
  4. JarekMusil

    Building the most brutal metal bass tones

    Hey there! I will release my new plugin with Audified this week! Its hi-gain bass distortion plugin, maybe you will be interested ;) Check out some tones here: Im sorry, its my first ever video where I talk in English, haha :D What do you think?
  5. metaltrenches

    New TOOTHLESS Track will DESTROY you (Video Reaction)

    Get DESTROYED by this banger of a track from mathcore and hardcore crew Toothless. They may be the next big thing. #toothless #mathcore #hardcore #mathcoreindex
  6. metaltrenches

    156/Silence - Irrational Pull (Video Reaction)

  7. metaltrenches

    Code Orange - Underneath (Video Review)

  8. metaltrenches

    Great American Ghost - "Altar Of Snakes" (Video Reaction)

  9. pohlski92

    Grill my old mix so that I can improve my new release

    Here’s the last full release I did. It’s a good few years ago. If there were 2 things that you would say it would be most important to improve production wise on this. What would you say it would be? I’m doing a new release soon and want to know what improvements people think are the most...
  10. S

    Stigandr | Kawaii Busters - :Scopenhagen) (Hardcore/Heavy)

    Two Oregonian DIY behemoths join forces to construct a dystopian visage of your tomorrow. Packed to the brim with slams, jams and existential dread, :SCOPENHAGEN) is the bullet to the brain you need to release you from this hell dimension. Name your price
  11. metaltrenches

    The Sound That Ends Creation - Civil Serpents (Track Premiere)

  12. metaltrenches

    Recommendation Roundup: Harrowed, Infant Annihilator, Blut Aus Nord (Video)

  13. metaltrenches

    Jake Hahn of OLAM FFO Converge (Trench Talk Podcast)

  14. metaltrenches

    Every Time I Die Retrospective

  15. DjaseBal

    Mix/Master Services <24hr Turnaround

    I'm only charging $50-75 per single for the next 2 days. I can get a fully edited, mixed and mastered single back to you by the end of today. The offer stands until the end of tomorrow. Email me for more details and mixing examples at jase.inspire@gmail.com I work with all styles of heavy...
  16. S

    Stigandr - Subvert (Hardcore/Heavy)

    Hardcore brutality from Portland Oregon, name your price.
  17. CiG

    Troops of Tomorrow: The Official Hardcore Punk Thread

    Not really sure how popular this thread will be, but I suppose there's no harm in having threads for genres if they actually get used. If they don't and simply die off, it's no big deal. I've always been a huge fan of hardcore punk regardless of the country it's from and the differences the...
  18. Blond Panda

    Mixing Practice: Harcore/Deathcore

    I probably shouldn't spam this forum too much, but anyways, this is one of my own songs. It walks the line between Deathcore and Hardcore, so if you're a fan of any of these genres, this one might be for you (unless you really hate my song, I guess). It's 47 tracks, including bounced out drum...
  19. Blond Panda

    Mix an (inaccurate) cover of "Necessary Death" by End.

    So... I covered Necessary Death by End.... I didn't play it correctly because I'm an idiot, but it still works. Decided to upload the multitracks because why not? The tracks come with DIs and Amp'd tracks for both Guitars and Bass, drum midi (programmed for Superior Drummer 3; tempo information...
  20. C

    Heavy music from Australia.

    Check out Heavy music from Sydney, Australia. Brand new EP just released.