1. Eliad Katri

    Eli From Vengar Band

    Hello everybody, My name is Eli and I am The drummer of an israeli metal band called Vnegar. I am 28 years old and love the metal community. Last week my band mates from Vengar and I released our first music video!!! I would appreciate it a lot if you click on the link and share with me your...
  2. JarekMusil

    AUDIFIED ToneSpot Drum plugins released - special offer for You!

    Hey guys! Check out my brand new plug-ins I have designed for Audified. There are 2 versions: Pro Express I have put a ton of my know-how into ToneSpot plug-ins. I have learned a lot thanx to this forum as well. Check them out and tell me what you think! Any feedback appreciated! If you...
  3. musicjohnny

    FREE "Monster Kit" (Wav, Trigger, Kontakt, Drumagog) from Victory Drum Co!

    Hey guys! Here's a link to a free complete sample set (kick, snare, 4 toms) with Wav and .TCI files that sounds SICK! Thought you dudes might enjoy it! http://freestuff.victorydrum.co/victory-drum-co-monster-kit/ Here's are some sound clips: Pack includes Kick, Snare, and 4 Toms. Each has 6...
  4. BlastBeastiality

    Cheap Drum Editing

    What's up everyone- I am here to offer drum editing for any genre from death metal to pop for only $20 a song up to 6 minutes. Send me an e-mail to work something out: tmr148@my.utsa.edu Cheers
  5. ExProduction

    METAL PRODUCTION WEB Shop - Samples, tones.

    Hello guys, I'd just like to leave a link to a small shop we're trying to make for young producers and people who mix/master. Here attached is the link to our web shop, that includes an aptitude of DRUM samples, and guitar tones for various hardware and software platforms, all of that for STEAL...
  6. Moonless-Project

    Scarlett 2i2 on the Roland TD30KV and virtual amp guitar and bass

    Hey guys, I´m quite new to homerecording. Check out my new own song and let me know how you like the mix. I have almost 0 experience in mixing - especially the eDrum mixes make my life very hard. If you have anything constructive, any tips or whatever please leave me a comment or whatever...
  7. henryjarv

    How to edit/glue/render samples faster in Reaper?

    So, my problem is, that when I have recorded something like 500 drum samples, it takes forever to glue and render everything. I always glue all those individual samples, and then select for example all kick samples and render (selected items). BUT: Is it possible to select many samples, and...
  8. Oske7

    Live drum recording feedback

    I helped a friend track his entry for Troy Wright's compilation thing, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on my drum recording. Anything in particular that you like, or anything you think I could improve upon? Here are two clips: Unmixed, just volume and panning Mixed version I can post the...
  9. P-Keisari

    Some help with extreme metal snare?

    Hi guys! I'm kinda newbie here so I'm not quite sure if I'm at the right forum right now. I could really use some help on mixing death metal snare drum. I have this death metal mix thing going on and I can't really get the snare to pop out. The raw sound of the snare is pretty metallic, kind of...
  10. DjaseBal

    Memphis May Fire Cover NEED GUITARIST

    I have tabbed out the midi drums for the whole song Vices by Memphis May Fire. I need a guitarist who would want to record all of the parts. I can add bass after i have the guitar and mix and master the final product. Probably want to post the DI's after the project is done. Reply or message me...