1. D

    Of Bird and Cage - A Music and Story Driven Game!

    We can't believe we're writing this but... after 6 years of development, our game is finally out! (I'm one of the guys in the development team) We are having a heart attack and would like to ask you, hoping it's ok to do in this forum) to check it out and if that's something you think you might...
  2. CiG

    2019 Themed Mixtape Game

    The 2019 version of: Also remember, this will go for 3 rounds, at the end the winner of each round will have their points from the other rounds applied to their round-winning points and the one with the highest total will win the whole thing. SEND YOUR SONGS TO MEEEEEEEEEEE!
  3. CiG

    2018 Themed Mixtape Game

    As per this suggestion, I decided to go ahead and fucking start it. So the point of this mixtape game is for everybody to submit a metal song from 2018 and then we'll all rate the whole mixtape, like usual, and the winner will take over the proper mixtape game or something like that. I will...
  4. MystycalFanfare

    Mobile Legends Symphonic Metal Cover (First Trying with Perfect Drums)

    I've made a cover song from Mobile Legends game in symphonic metal style. I've produced and recorded myself in my bedroom studio. Also, this is my first attempt using new Perfect Drums virtual instruments, and I kinda liked it. Here's the video: Please let me know what you guys thinking and...
  5. MystycalFanfare

    Mobile Legends Symphonic Metal Cover

    I've made a cover from a theme song of Mobile Legends MOBA game. I decided to cover in symphonic metal style because I thought the song would suit better in that style. Here's the video: I self produced and recorded myself in my bedroom studio. Let me know what you guys thinking, don't...
  6. E

    isn't it scary?

    Hello. This is Erocona, a Game developer. We're so happy to tell you that Merendam2 is just released Now! Merendam is A mobile adventure horror game set in creepy surroundings where your objective is to escape a ghost infested village that is isolated and deserted. You will need to use your...
  7. CiG


    Okay nerds, since there has been some general complaining about too much of a particular style of metal dominating the mixtape games, I decided to create this one. It's about as general and open to many interpretations as you can get while also retaining boundaries. Each round's theme is merely...