Dimension Hatröss
May 22, 2015
Okay nerds, since there has been some general complaining about too much of a particular style of metal dominating the mixtape games, I decided to create this one. It's about as general and open to many interpretations as you can get while also retaining boundaries.

Each round's theme is merely a letter, we go through the entire alphabet in alphabetical order and once we get to Z whoever ends up with the highest rating overall wins the entire game.

Though winners don't get the privilege of picking themes, they still have the burden of collecting submissions, creating youtube playlists and tallying up the ratings.

Keen, drones?

Choose a song that begins with the letter A. Message me with your submissions.
I'd be willing to both ignore "The" at the start and accept a song if it starts with "A."

But maybe if/when T comes around, I won't accept songs that start with "The."

Not sure yet.
I think there should be some sort of prize for winning each round, as you don't get to choose a theme. Seeing as you have to create a playlist/tot up scores for the next round, as things stand winning is more of a penalty.

How about you get to reject submissions from one genre?
Not for winning a round, because the point of this game would be to win the most amount of rounds before the alphabet is up.