1. Onder

    Hearing the difference? Role of instruments and gear in metal sound

    I was wondering - what role do instruments and musician's gear have on the resulting sound, really? And specifically in extreme metal? I assume we won't be talking much about guitars and basses per se as the sound in metal is so heavily distorted, but what about the amps? I vaguely remember...
  2. uner9000

    Gallant Sound Boutique Cabs

    Gallant FLORA 2x12 33081261_2036471759947226_2999241775228387328_o by uner9000 posted May 22, 2018 at 1:40 PM We make modern handcrafted acoustic enclosures for supreme tone and looks. Head over our site or FB page to find out more.
  3. V

    HELP ME Build an 40.000 EUR Set-up for Recording

    So guys, i saved a lot ... I'm building a set-up for my new studio but i wanna ask somebody with my desicions about the products that i'm gonna buy for it . I worked on a windows so far , Cubase for production and also mastering but i'm gonna switch to Logic X Pro with the ocasion of buying the...
  4. ATCOBravo

    Good metal tone to start with

    Hey metal heads, Am new in the forum and in metal equipment, bottom line am starting from zero .I have watched too much youtube video the past four months looking for a good metal tone amp suiting my budget of 450$ for the head, 200$ for pedals and 300$ for guitar. for pedals and guitar i dont...
  5. Emmitt Raczkowski

    The Best Drum-ware

    The Best Drum-ware By: Emmitt Raczkowski Drummer of Killing Rapunzel When I play the drums, they sound like they would on a record; a larger than life sound. I think that a lot of attack on the drums and minimal overtones are essential to them sounding the best. I prefer to have cymbals sound...