HELP ME Build an 40.000 EUR Set-up for Recording


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Mar 18, 2018
So guys, i saved a lot ... I'm building a set-up for my new studio but i wanna ask somebody with my desicions about the products that i'm gonna buy for it . I worked on a windows so far , Cubase for production and also mastering but i'm gonna switch to Logic X Pro with the ocasion of buying the iMac Pro (2,3 Ghz ,18 core ,128 GB DDR4 , 4TB SSD ,Radeon Pro Vega 64) . I'm not used to Mac , at all .I Don't know if anything on my list is compatibile with the iMac , There's the part where i need HUGE help from you guys . This is my list . If something does not belong here ,give me some advice about what should i do .

-Brauner Phantom Classic
-Avalon VT-737SP
-Presonus StudioLive 16 Series III ( I really don't know how to connect it to the imac)
-Presonus HP60
-AKG K-872
-Beyerdynamic Amiron Home
-Avid Pro Tools
-Avid Sync HD IO ( I'm not so sure about this one )
-Marshall JVM410H Bundle 3
-Gibson Les Paul Standard HP 2018 BOF
-Korg Kronos 61
-Sennheiser 600 Drum Set
-Clearsonic A2466x6 (A5-6) Drum Shield
-DW PDP CM5 Standard Silver/Black
-the t.bone Micscreen
-Shure KSM 137 Stereoset

I am a live performer , I play all the instruments above, and I have already set up the place for the studio with isolation . I am focused to record live instruments and mastering more than VST , i saw that Logic already has a necessary of instruments and Plug-ins for mastering , i don't know if it's enough and i don't know if you can crack anything on iMac , that's why I'm asking for your help .