1. R

    Powerful goth doom bands

    After so many years (around 13, I think) of sticking to few old, good symphonic/goth metal bands, I came to conclusion there's only few bands that are REALLY worth of listening. I complained about it in my 2013 post (and much earlier too), I'm complaining now, in the end of 2019. But now I...
  2. Tairaadansu

    Night Spirit. What genre is it?

    I learned of this band from the singer and song writer. He says people either love it or hate it. I love it, but what kind of metal is it? Power metal meets goth metal?
  3. CiG

    Post-Punk/Gothic Rock/New Wave etc

    So I was listening to some Bauhaus and I came across a band Peter Murphey started in the 80's that seem to only have released one album: It got me thinking about all the good stuff in a similar vein that exists out there. So this thread is for sharing new and old music that falls into this...
  4. Pavlos

    Modern Gothic Metal

    Hello all! I am looking for any bands that have these qualities: Gothic style, without being focused on romance (more of a emphasis on horror/fantasy theme) Clean male lead vocals Relatively recent albums (late 90s to present) Easily-accessible (so, not an obscure band that did one recording...