1. Nivan Sharma

    Game Of Thrones Title Theme Goes Metal

  2. Nivan Sharma

    my metal guitar arrangment of Dire, Dire Docks from Super Mario 64 I hope you enjoy it

  3. Nivan Sharma

    this is my cover of dying in your arms by Trivium any feedback would be appreciated! enjoy

  4. Turdwallet

    Tech death guitarist - New here!

    Whats up everyone! just joined here.. Tech-Death guitarist from DE USA.. Figured I'd give it a shot and see if I can find any other metal heads out there interested in collaborating on a project or something together. Feel free to give me a shout anyone at all musicians or not music is my...
  5. Turdwallet

    Tech death guitarist looking for other musicians for collab project

    I'm a guitarist from Delaware and I live and breathe death metal/tech death. I recently started looking again for other musicians to collab with and I'm trying to get back into starting a new project. This is my life passion and if you think you may be interested in doing an online project with...
  6. Eternal Tom

    Guitarist needed!! Power-metal

    Hello! Friends, I'm searching a guitarist who can record several solos for my power-metal project. All solos are tabbed in Guitar Pro so it would be easy to learn them. If you're interested - PM me or drop me a line here:
  7. E

    Tramaine - Heavy Balance

  8. E

    Best new shredders?

    Hi guys, just joined today. I wanted to know if any of you guys had any good suggestions as to new guitarists who do instrumental stuff, and what their work is etc. I am currently a big fan of Tramaine, he seems to be gaining more fans on YouTube by the day and especially on instagram, and is a...
  9. J

    Can you help my band out? (Gravelord - Extreme Metal from Venezuela)

    Hello, my name is Jesùs Plaza, and I am a 24 years old musician from Venezuela. Since I was 17 years old I am playing guitars for a band called Gravelord. Gravelord is a Extreme Metal Band influenced by bands like: Early In flames, At the gates, Death, dissection, Norther, Dimmu borgir, Kreator...
  10. Infected-Lou

    Infected Dead (UK Modern Death Metal)

    Check out the full EP:
  11. James Frost

    Sunsinger Looking for members!

    Hey everyone! My band Sunsinger is looking for a drummer, second guitarist and possibly a keyboardist! We range from progressive, djent, power metal, viking, groove and experimental. Some inspirations we have are Periphery, Amon Amarth, Veil of Maya, BABYMETAL, Tool, Gorjira and more! Check...
  12. M

    Randy Rhoads. Man or God?

    Have you ever witnessed someone shred with such passion?
  13. EmiRizzi

    KOMPOZ collaborations

    Anyone else have a Kompoz account? I'm looking for people to collaborate with on rock and metal tracks! I can play and program drums, and can play bass and guitar. I'm dedicated and very eager!! Hit me up, guys! Check out the attached MP3 for one of the stupidly many song ideas and tracks I...
  14. DethGod

    (FUCKING BEST SOLO TRACK) Marcel Arsenault - Alien Abduction

  15. DjaseBal

    Looking For Musicians To Collab With Metalcore/Deathcore

    I'm an audio engineer. I play guitar and can write midi drums, bass, orchestra, and synth. I'm looking for other musicians to do random covers or original songs for fun. I'll do pretty much any style between Metalcore and Deathcore and can mix and master everything we work on. Mainly looking for...