Enrique Costuellos

New Metal Member
Apr 4, 2019
Hi guys, just joined today. I wanted to know if any of you guys had any good suggestions as to new guitarists who do instrumental stuff, and what their work is etc. I am currently a big fan of Tramaine, he seems to be gaining more fans on YouTube by the day and especially on instagram, and is a very different guy! A good mix between retro stuff with modern riffage and style.

I cannot find any others i like which don't bore me, like everything seems to sound the same, and everyone wants to sound like meshuggah! If you have any suggestions on artists to look up I would be very thank full!
Do you mean purely instrumental shred? Or just metal bands with good shredders? My friends band Paladin is about to release a debut through Prosthetic records. He can shred pretty well and the frontman is a goddamn prodigy. Unfortunately I can not post any of my favorite songs as the album won't drop til next month. But you can get a little taste of the lead work around the 2:30 mark

Frontman has a youtube channel too. Mix of original and cover stuff
Yes more instrumental shredding, that is different to the normal stuff we hear today. But I will check this out, thanks for sharing!