1. KingsGene

    Knotfest Iowa 2021

    SLIPKNOT ANNOUNCE KNOTFEST IOWA 2021 WITH FAITH NO MORE, MEGADETH, LAMB OF GOD, AND MORE (VIDEO TRAILER); BAND RETURNS TO THE STUDIO "...The full lineup features Faith No More, Megadeth, Lamb Of God, $uicide Boy$, Gojira, Trivium, Tech N9ne, FEVER 333, Knocked Loose, Turnstile, Gatecreeper And...
  2. NorseBlood

    Kiko Loureiro - Open Source

    MEGADETH Guitarist KIKO LOUREIRO Releases Open Source Album; Full Audio Stream Available Kiko Loureiro Streaming New Solo Album 'Open Source' in Full...
  3. Nivan Sharma

    Megadeth Sweating Bullets Solo Cover

  4. ed_lecter

    Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction (Guitar Cover)

    New Cover! :)
  5. megatdream

    The Killing Road

    lml my cover
  6. VoltronLions

    Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Breaks Silence on Cancer Battle: ‘I’m Not Gonna Let This Beat Me’
  7. Nivan Sharma

    symphony of destruction guitar solo 1% skill 99% editing
  8. Nivan Sharma

    i got bored and decided to play holy wars by megadeth on 1 string check it out!

  9. Nivan Sharma

    megadeth riffs played on 7 strings wtf? but these riffs actually sound sick check it out!

  10. Nivan Sharma

    what if Megadeth played 7 string guitars these riffs actually sound sick tbh! check it out

  11. Lupus1984

    Megadeth - Kick The Chair Mix and master - Check it :)

    Konnichiwa My friend Danny Greenwood asked me if I could mix his cover of the Megadeth song Kick The Chair and so I did. :) Mixing and Mastering by Jan Trtschka at Xenotype Mixing Recorded and performed by Danny Greenwood
  12. Aeons Abyss

    Would the Big 4 make it today?

    The following is a blog piece to generate debate on the current state of the underground metal scene in the age of streaming music .... "Ask yourself this: Would the big 4 make it today if they were only just releasing right now in 2019. Who knows? The underground metal scene is very...
  13. Aaron Baker

    - Midnight Coven - (NEW ALBUM) - Clairvoyance -

    Midnight Coven, led by Aaron Baker, recently released new album "Clairvoyance". With an influence of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uncle Acid, Megadeth and many others. You will hear some fantastic catchy melodies and groovy heavy riffs! with moving guitar solos, accompanied by lot's of...
  14. Aaron Baker

    - Check Out "Midnight Coven" -

    Midnight Coven is a Rock/Metal/Doom project led by 26 year old Aaron Baker. Heavily influenced by Ozzy era Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uncle Acid, Megadeth, and many others. Midnight Coven has released a total of 7 albums to date. Fantastic riffs/solos and melodies, with a touch of keyboards...
  15. elkevino

    Megadeth's David Ellefson calls the prospects of a Big 4 show "every headbanger's wet dream"

    David Ellefson is no spring chicken. Three-and-a-half decades after co-founding the pioneering thrash metal band/institution that is Megadeth, he’s put plenty of miles on his body and his soul. Fortunately he’s spent the majority of them clean and sober — after making the choice to put the music...
  16. T

    Tymo - Purge & Reset (Canadian Thrash Metal)

  17. Jotun25

    Pentakill - Mortal Reminder (full band cover feat Dirk Verbeuren)

    Hi, friends! I wanted to share the cover we made of Pentakill´s Mortal Reminder, featuring Dirk Verbeuren on drums, and also the amazing Siegfried Song on vocals. The rest of the musicians did a great job too, thanks to them! I hope you enjoy it and contact me for audio/video work. All...
  18. HugoRibeiroDotCom

    Megadeth "Lucretia" Full band cover

    Howdy folks! A recording I did last year with some talented people from Russia. Hope you enjoy! Original video: Drum CAM video:
  19. Jotun25

    Megadeth - Angry Again (full band cover) Mixing Feedback

    Hi, friends! After a period of inactivity I´m back with another cover: Megadeth´s Angry Again, featuring Micky Vega on guitars (endorsed ESP player, in bands like InMune or Tao), Emilio Kanina on drums (former drummer of Stingers) and myself on vocals, bass and audio/video production. All...
  20. Halberd3

    Is Megadeth Speed metal or Thrash?

    Recently saw a poster floating along on amazon. Reading out "Megadeth- The world's state-of-the-art speed metal band. Honestly it made me think. Does Dave think of Megadeth as speed metal band? Does his fanbase consider them speed metal over thrash? Honestly it confuses me. Does anyone know?