melodic death metal

  1. Y

    Is melodic death metal still a subgenre of death metal, or has it become its own thing?

    Now, I am aware of its death metal roots, and that bands at the time are still pretty death-ish, but honestly, I don't really think melodeath has much to do with death metal anymore, like how death metal started from thrash metal but became its own thing. While death metal has become very...
  2. Cravengrim

    Cravengrim - Plaguelands 3rd single from upcoming album

  3. Sophii

    Terasophe - When It All Comes Crashing Down

    An unfinished release and an archival of the last Terasophe album. I don't think I would finish this or re-release this as Sophii either. So this album marks the official end of the Terasophe name. This was going to be a concept album about a kingdom falling to tyrannical kings but with a more...
  4. Erayz

    Death Defy - Portal To Immortals (Death Metal) [2021 Album]

    The debut album by a death metal band from Belarus "Death Defy" features cover songs and self-composed tracks. The album is available for free download at
  5. Purbawara

    Purbawara, death metal from Malaysia

    Purbawara, death metal band originated from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Style of music infusing arabic, egyptian and nusantara with religious themed lyrics. 20th October 2018, released their first debut album "Aphorism". In year 2020, has announced second album "Withering" that is in progress...
  6. Sorrowenthroned666

    Blackened death metal-Gnawed and Torn

  7. martinantonsson

    New lyric video by Curse of Eibon

    Hey! Swedish melodic death/occult band Curse of Eibon just released a new lyric video for the song Tsathogguan from the debut EP "Book of Eibon"
  8. MörkasteMörk

    What is this genre? Deathmetal?

  9. D

    Malaysian Melodic Death Metal releases new single "Servants Of Alamin"

    Servants Of Alamin, Second single taken from the upcoming album "Withering". Other new releases; World Of Nifaq Music Videos; Mahsyar (2015), The V Sense (2018), Uphold Thy Rule (2018), Day of Reckoning (2018), Social Media; Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Stream; Bandcamp | Spotify
  10. metaltrenches

    DARK TRANQUILLITY Moment (Video Review)

  11. drawnacrol

    The Shores of Bodom - Children of Bodom Tribute Song

    I sometimes write a riff or lead that sounds too much like a band so I don't use it in my original music. Since Bodom are one of my biggest influences that happens a lot and I ended up writing a full song from all the ideas. It references a lot of songs from their discography and I got Janne's...
  12. Sorrowenthroned666

    Black Death Metal Sorrow Enthroned

  13. martinantonsson

    New single released by Curse of Eibon

    Swedish melodical death/occultband Curse of Eibon ( has released the second single called Dagon! Spotifylink: Youtube:
  14. Crash Cummings

    Sick artists for album artwork?

    I'm currently recording a Melodic Death album in the style of Carcass, At The Gates, Entombed, and I'm planning to release it by the end of the year. Does anyone know a good artist who could come up with an amazing artwork?
  15. aheadofmetal

    Nox Aeternum - New Full-length album released 3/27

    Nox Aeternum has released their 3rd full-length album "The Reaction: A Higher Form of Killing". Melodic Blackened Death Metal for fans of Dissection, Marduk, Ravencult etc.
  16. P

    Melodic Death From Brazil

    Noldor is a side project made by Patrick Marçal (Neshamot/Hardgainer). All instruments and production are made by themself, with some melodic and brutal stuff, and great shred solos. This is a new single from the album called "Banned From Light", that will come in 10/jan with 9 tracks. More...
  17. metaltrenches

    In Flames meets Amon Amarth with Astralborne (Track Premiere)

  18. G

    Galactic Mechanics - Esoteric Star (Melodic Death Metal)

    My band just released anoter EP, "Esoteric Star". Some of our influences include Wintersun, Direwolf, Skyfire, etc. It's available for Free download at our Bandcamp:
  19. A

    Andy Gillion - Skyless (feat. Jeff Loomis / 66Samus)

    Hey guys, just released the first single from my upcoming solo album. Super proud of the production on this - tracked guitars myself - reamped, mixed and mastered at The Panic Room, Sweden by Thomas "Plec" Johansson. Drums performed by 66Samus and a nice guest solo from Jeff Loomis. The mix was...
  20. D

    Draugr - Hymns of Temptation (Orchestral Melodic Death Metal)

    Just finished my first album with my band which has been self-produced and written over the course of a few years. Heavily influenced by bands such as Wintersun, Kalmah, Septicflesh and Children of Bodom. Really would love to know what y'all think.