1. fengarm

    Prog metal band Yriel released diverse new EP 'In Retrospect' (FFO: SOAD, Nevermore, Mastodon)

    The progressive metal band Yriel who released two singles in April has now unleashed their debut EP In Retrospect. The band’s founder Ivo Laanelind said that he has been working on the material for a few years now, but the music didn’t quite fit his former endeavors: “so it was a logical step...
  2. NorseBlood

    Warrell Dane interview

    I just found this interview from 2016 with the late Warrell Dane on Youtube. Its one of the best interviews I've seen him do, and thought I'd post it here.
  3. Lupus1984

    Nevermore - The Termination Proclamation Cover

    Konnichiwa So good buddy Nikolas handed out those multitracks, so I mixed it. :) Enjoy
  4. arddeth


    It's called "Disconnection System" and oh my god does it remind me of Nevermore. Warrel sounds actually really great here and other guys are just killing it. I almost feel like it could be taken from TGE
  5. KingsGene

    R.I.P. Former NEVERMORE, FORBIDDEN guitarist Tim Calvert

    FORMER NEVERMORE, FORBIDDEN GUITARIST TIM CALVERT DIES AT AGE 52 "...Guitarist Tim Calvert, who played on three Forbidden albums: Twisted Into Form (1990), Distortion (1994), and Green (1997) — as well as one Nevermore album, Dreaming Neon Black (1999) passed away earlier today, April 30th, at...
  6. arddeth

    Chris Broderick auctioning his guitar to help Van Williams' wife

    Check this out
  7. Adoney

    My Band, GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS, and our second album

    Hello all. It's been quite a while since I've found myself on forums, and ultimate metal specifically, but now is the time for self-promotion; my band just launched the second album's kickstarter campaign, and we are taking pre-orders right now. I figure this is one of the places that...
  8. EvilProgboy

    Witherfall, King Diamond meets Nevermore

  9. O

    Witherfall very Nevermore sounding...

    Found out about this debut on another forum. You can definitely hear the Nevermore,Opeth and Savatage influence. Along with hints of King Diamond. Thoughts?
  10. EvilProgboy

    Witherfall-End of Time (Iced Earth, ex-White Wizzard,ex- Into Eternity)

    Met the guitarist Jake Dreyer who is the new lead guitarist for Iced Earth now. This is the best new thing I have heard in the past 10 years. It is a must listen to for shred and prog fans. King Diamond., Nevermore etc Thoughts?