old school metal

  1. Gordonlord

    CAVE BLIND - The Golden Axe (2020) - Raw, primitive, catchy heavy/speed black metal !

    If you want to try something very simple, very old-school and raw, but yet (I hope) catchy, try new album of my one-man band project CAVE BLIND "The Golden Axe". I am not even musician, not professional at all - but very passionate fan to raw, primitive 80´s metal, with hooks and memorable...
  2. GeorgeCitrone

    Sleeper UK - Time To Kill

  3. StormSiege

    Storm Siege, Old School Thrash Metal

    Storm Siege - Spiritual Weaponry [DEMO] [2018] Old School Thrash Metal from Madrid, Spain. Facebook: www.facebook.com/StormSiegeOfficial Bandcamp: stormsiege.bandcamp.com
  4. Alex Langill

    HROM - Featured on NWOTHM!

    - We from Hrom were stoked to find out the YouTube Channel: " NWOTHM New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal" showcased our 2015 release "Legends of Powerheart: Part I." YOUTUBE LINK - If you're interested in the discography Bandcamp Link - Or just more YouTube links 2009 Full Length "Blesk" 2012...
  5. amplifire

    Amplifire - Old School Heavy Metal from Karlsruhe/Germany

    Founded in 2000 and rooted deeply in 1980s classical Heavy Metal, Amplifire from Germany just released their fourth Album titled 'Demolition Party'. The title of the Album says it all: pure, powerful Heavy Metal with all the clichés and trademarks we Metalheads love so much. The best part is...
  6. Another Guitar Dude

    Inert - Obliteration of the Self (death metal)

    My new death metal band Inert is about to release its debut EP "Obliteration of the Self" soon (June 17). The EP has been recorded and produced by the band, and reamped, mixed and mastered by another Sneapster (SinMix). We just premiered the title-track of the EP at No Clean Singing. Here...
  7. Another Guitar Dude

    Inert (tasty death metal)

    Hi folks ! We're Inert, a new death metal band that is going to release its debut EP "Obliteration of the Self" soon. If you like your metal aggressive, rotten with lots of D-beats, caustic buzzing guitars, and evils growls check us out. We just uploaded a short teaser of what's to come...
  8. MetalAges

    Bands you never knew existed

    Even though I have been listening to and buying Metal since the mid 80s, I continuously come across bands I never knew of from back in the day. Some I had heard of but never listened to, others I completely knew nothing about. Only in the last year have I gotten into vinyl (kill me now, too...