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  1. damako3

    Old School Death Metal - MISANTHROPY APOTHEOSIS

    Old School DEATH METAL butchery from Athens, Greece. Track's off their recent EP 'Against Your Filthy Kind' massively delivered by REPULSIVE ECHO RECORDS. Most of release's formats are there and ready to be shipped. The Video,
  2. I

    Looking for "groove oriented/repetitive riffs" (also some gems in the thread)

    I'm looking for old school thrash, death metal, or death/thrash songs with repetitive type riffs with a groove to them. Some of these are more thrashy constant downpicking type grooves (think sepultura) others are more "death boogy" I'll post some songs with links below for reference. I'd like...
  3. T

    Tymo - Purge & Reset (Canadian Thrash Metal)

  4. L

    HELP me PLS with this song

    iam lookin for a song, its older one. Everything i know about it, its that it has a big "scary" face in the video, and it is taking place in some Ruins. Please help me, iam desperate :(
  5. C

    Death albums ranked

    In my opinion: 01. The Sound of Perseverance 02. Symbolic 03. Human 04. Individual Thought Patterns 05. Scream Bloody Gore 06. Leprosy 07. Spiritual Healing
  6. MetalAges

    Any "new" Old School releases worth checking out?

    You all picked up any good new release from some Classic/Oldie Metal groups of late? Looking to check some out. I picked up the Saxon and Praying Mantis discs which are both very solid. Saxon, they do what they do - so if you like them it's worth the purchase. Praying Mantis was a complete...