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Sep 13, 2016
In my opinion:

01. The Sound of Perseverance
02. Symbolic
03. Human
04. Individual Thought Patterns
05. Scream Bloody Gore
06. Leprosy
07. Spiritual Healing
Hmmmm it'll be like this for me

1. Human, this album defines DEATH!! NO OTHER ALBUM CAN BEAT THIS. The fourth time was when they truly got it right. The riffs and solos are some of the best damn ones I've ever heard ever. It makes me say Chuck Schuldiner is a metal god.

2. Scream Bloody Gore, it's the first so it gets cred. Lot of interesting concepts and I think it's really the album that kicked Death metal off in the late 80's. Well that and Possessed's "Seven Churches".

3. Individual Thought Patterns, It kinda took what I heard in Human and made it a small step further. But nothing too new. It's basically Human 2 in the same manner as some who see Judas Priest's "Defenders of the Faith" as Screaming for Vengeance 2.

4. The Sound of Perseverance, the last Death album before Schuldiner's death in 2001. It sounded a lot more prog metal than straight up Death. In fact I got a hold of this album in 2003. It sounded honestly timeless and really should be number 3 on this list. But due there not being as many memorable songs and moments on this album as ITP. It kinda comes number 4 here, it really competes with number 3 in a lot of ways.

5. Symbolic, Probably conflicting. It was really great no doubt about it. But I feel it kinda came in a musically stagnant year. Or just a stagnant year overall. 1995 was really stagnant in terms of what I've heard in music and seen in film. It had some memorable shit on there. More memorable than TSOP in my opinion and really should be higher. But the sound is something I've heard before and therefor it ain't much.

6. Leprosy, It was okay in my opinion. But that's just it. It was okay. Didn't catch me in the same way SBG did. It basically may as well been SBG part 2: The disease and plague edition.

7. Spiritual Healing, (sigh). It was great for them to go in a different direction lyrics wise. But it really did not catch anything for me. Not a bad album at all. It's timeless in a death sense and progressive sense. But that's just it. The sound didn't catch it for me. The lyrics and subject was something new, to which I like.
Leprosy is at the top for me (love that riff in 'Primitive Ways), followed closely by Human and Spiritual Healing. The Sound of Perseverance was a hell of a way to go out, and the Painkiller cover is nothing to sneer at.
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I can see that, but meh, it's a cover. The 'God Of Thunder' cover could be viewed the same way, too. Chuck Shuldiner was still an amazing musician though, and you could see the maturation process of each Death album from 'Scream Bloody Gore' to 'Sound Of Perseverance'. Leprosy is still may favorite Death release, even though I listen to Human a lot as well. Why? I'm not sure, I think it's just because it's a good slab of raw old school death metal that stays consistent the whole way through with no weak spots, and the guitar work is great as well.

When it comes to death and black metal, my knowledge is somewhat limited because they are not my favorite genres, like traditional and thrash for me. Although Bathory's S/T debut, Possessed's Seven Churches and Celtic Frost's Morbid Tales find themselves in my player quite often.
1. Human
2. Spiritual Healing
3. Symbolic
4. Individual Though Patterns
5. Leprosy
6. Scream Bloody Gore
7. The Sound of Perserverance
whats the reasoning behind spiritual healing coming in way ahead of leprosy and scream bloody gore

if you dont mind me asking
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whats the reasoning behind spiritual healing coming in way ahead of leprosy and scream bloody gore

if you dont mind me asking
I think that Spiritual Healing is a pretty good middle ground between albums like Leprosy and Human. It has the best parts of both sounds.

Keep in mind that the only album I have reservations about is TSoP. It suffers from a lack of focus and has some real duds in comparison to every other album Death made.
From worst to best:

7. Individual Thought Patterns
6. Symbolic
5. Sound of Perseverance
4. Human
3. Leprosy
2. Spiritual Healing
1. Scream Bloody Gore

Death never released a bad album, so I am not trying to criticize the albums I've ranked lower.
In my opinion:

1 Leprosy
2 Human
3 Scream Bloody Gore
4 The Sound of Perseverance
5 Symbolic
6 Spiritual Healing
7 Individual Thought Patterns

But like someone said, Death did not really put out a bad album.