1. D

    Death Ritual

    Emerging from the historic city of Istanbul, Turkey in 2003, Death Ritual is a unique manifestation of black metal. Our music, known for its intense riffs, relentless percussion, and raw vocals, has been delivering ominous soundscapes that echo within the genre. Influenced by seminal bands like...
  2. Masticate

    Check out our latest single ”Rotting Angel” on Spotify NOW!
  3. V

    Volixe - Chupacabras [Thrash/Death/Black Metal]

    Hello! We just released a new song, check it out here:
  4. henryjarv

    Free Swedish Death Metal HM2 Guitar Tone
  5. Hole of Sin

    Hole of Sin - Paroxysm of Hubris

    Hey guys! We are young metal band from Czech Republic called Hole of Sin. Our band just released new Ep called Paroxysm of Hubris, so I thought that we could share our music with some foreign listeners. Link to EP: Youtube: We are on spotify too! So please let us know how you like our music...
  6. DIYistkrieg

    Aborted - Divine Impediment (cover)

    Someone found this multitrack, it's a killer song played and recorded so well I had to mix it! Reamping of bass and guitars, chosing drums samples (unfortunately no "real" recorded drums here), mix and mastering done by me. It'd be cool if you take 5 minutes of your time to listen to this and...
  7. D

    Peruvian Death Metal Multitracks / Band: Infernal Graves

    Hello, here I leave some tracks so that whoever wants to can mix it. It is a Peruvian death metal band. If you like, leave your mixes!
  8. V

    Volixe - Intro (Demo single)

    Volixe is a thrash metal band from Chile with influences of death, black, progressive metal and classical/orquestal music.
  9. damako3

    Old School Death Metal - MISANTHROPY APOTHEOSIS

    Old School DEATH METAL butchery from Athens, Greece. Track's off their recent EP 'Against Your Filthy Kind' massively delivered by REPULSIVE ECHO RECORDS. Most of release's formats are there and ready to be shipped. The Video,
  10. metalmakerundertaker

    alter killer

  11. Inprobus

    Inprobus new DEMO 2020

    Slovak death thrash metal band proudly presents new demo Retribution opinions very welcome
  12. F

    Is anybody outthere who wishes to help us with mixing and mastering a metal song?

    Hello everyone.We have a band from 2014 our first job was an e.p album, that was released the same year with very good feedback, the gender is melodic death metal,with thrashcore elements and many angry vocals. After the release of the e.p for some years and because the obligations for all the...
  13. M

    Hard metal from Miami Fl

    We are a new band from Miami FL Check out our demo
  14. O


    We are Sarcastic, a metal band based in Yogyakarta. Formed in 2015, Sarcastic, which was originally formed as Sarcastic Existence, changed its name to Sarcastic from the end of 2018 until now. Now Sarcastic has released an EP entitled Cruel Intentions, which was digitally released in August...
  15. P

    Melodic Death From Brazil

    Noldor is a side project made by Patrick Marçal (Neshamot/Hardgainer). All instruments and production are made by themself, with some melodic and brutal stuff, and great shred solos. This is a new single from the album called "Banned From Light", that will come in 10/jan with 9 tracks. More...
  16. metaltrenches

    Four Bands For Fans Of MESHUGGAH (Video)

  17. Lostbrethren

    Sci-fi inspired Metal

    Hello, we are Lost Brethren from the UK. Please check out our first single and let us know what you think!
  18. Inprobus

    Inprobus death trash metal band from Slovakia

    Hi guys we are Slovak metal band and we are looking for opinions about our music For now we have just one track loaded on YouTube but more will be coming 10 songs us completed for now and we are looking for shows and Savin money on studio let us know what you think
  19. S

    Stigandr - Subvert (Hardcore/Heavy)

    Hardcore brutality from Portland Oregon, name your price.
  20. Atra Haeresis

    Ethir Anduin - Awareness of Frailty of Being [Single 2019]

    Expression your opinion pls,about music and sound!