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  1. E

    Varoshan - ...And Then The Rains Came - Debut album by progressive doom/sludge metal band

    Varoshan is a fresh metal band with Finnish and British members. The music combines many styles ranging from progressive post-metal to sludge-influenced hardcore metal. Fans of Neurosis, My Dying Bride, Converge and Iommi will find familiar features in the music. The album will be released...
  2. Cavewolfsoul

    Montagne - Black Waterfall (New album available)

    Montagne has just released a new album called "Black Waterfall" today. This Parisian band started in 2016, this is their second album. They play some kind of a mix between Post-Hardcore and Post-Metal : Artwork by JBJ Tracklist : 1 - Mononoké 2 - A Letter from the Beast 3 - What We Miss 4...
  3. xwherethewildthingsarex

    STREET PUNK|MATHCORE from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    wherethewildthingsarex is a punk rock band based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We fuse Pogo-style street punk aggressiveness with the note progressions and technicality of math rock and mathcore; topping it all off with an occasional experimental twist, triggering a catastrophic nuclear reaction...
  4. mertriver1

    Top 10 Metalcore/Deathcore/Post-Hardcore from Most Popular Countries

    Hi guys, Check out our picks for the Top 10 Metalcore/Deathcore/Post-Hardcore Bands videos... United Kingdom United States Australia Sweden Germany Enjoy!!
  5. ParagraphStudio

    Adept - At Least Give Me Back My Dreams You Neglient Whore (RAWs for mixing)

    Hey, I'm here again. I'm glad to share with you stems from my instrumental cover on Adept band! Download stems : Leave comments and Ur mixes here :) My contacts :
  6. matteo95

    mix feedback: Northlane- Aspire instrumental mix

    I'd be glad to receive any tips and feedbacks on this mixtest I just finished: Feel free to ask me any question regarding the workflow!
  7. matteo95

    metalcore-post hardcore tone: Architects-naysayer mixtest

    I tried to reproduce a classic post hardcore and guitar tone in the architects style, giving a shot to this song. I'm open to any critic or tips,I'm not a pro! For the guitars I used bias amp. I can send you the tone if interested via mail.
  8. DjaseBal

    My Band Parasyte's First Single! Mixing/Mastering Services

    Listen to my band's first single 'Insects' Everything written, tracked, edited, mixed, and mastered by me. Hit me up for rates. I charge one overall fee per song and with a discount if stems and midi are provided. I also throw in an extra discount per song if working with a full ep or album...
  9. Swisher 6690/Fasol Record

    Swisher 6690 - Free Kontak Drum Kit (Perfect For Post Hardcore0

    Youtube : Soundcloud : The Drum Sound Is What You Hear On Youtube Or Soundcloud:) For Download : Link :!klYxULpS Decryption Keys : !lPQiysp-_o48zBLSgfnDkKazpF9Mc1yxKyZBeM_tR3I For More Drum Sample Check :
  10. Swisher 6690/Fasol Record

    Swisher 6690 Media Aka Fasol Record

    Want To Record ,Mixing ,Mastering / Grapich Design / Video Lyric And More? Contact Me For More : Or Line ; makeraflifamous And This For The Sample : Music : Grapich Design :… Video ...
  11. DevelopDevice

    All DAW templates with a 50% discount!!

    Autumn SALE! All templates with a 50% discount!! Offer is a limited time, so do not hesitate. Check it out: Thank you very much for the massive support and have a nice day!
  12. Wunderlust

    Break the Silence - Legend (Metalcore - in the vein of BMTH and MMF)

    Hey guys what's up? I'm been lurking for a while and never really felt the need to get an account here. So I'm new. Trash me as much as you want about that. Oh and anyway I've got a song that I've written that I'd like you to check out. Let me know what you think about it, and also what you...
  13. S


    A Day To Remember released to "Bad Vibrations" not too long ago. Check out my instrumental cover. link:
  14. S

    Influences - Everest: free DI Files

    - full video. Download zip: I look forward to your mixes , guys . It is very interesting that you get , with my DI. By the way they are you ?
  15. Justin Mantooth

    Sharp Weapons debut

    Sharp Weapons is an American post-hardcore band from Kansas City, Missouri. Adding a punk rock sensibility to an appetite for heavy riffs, their hard-hitting self-titled debut full length is a an organic, visceral blend of progressive/post-hardcore/noise rock elements that reflects their...
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    Check out my music (post hardcore, metalcore, punk)

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