1. Smiechu

    The Everlasting Frontier - Imagination's Stream [Symphonic Prog Metal]

    Hi, It’s finally here!!! The one track that started this madness! Originally composed and released by...
  2. Twieljocht

    Michael Romeo to Release New Solo Album on February 2022

    Quite excited to hear WotW Pt. 2 BTW, the official SyX forum is on Facebook. But I missed here and have come back!
  3. Salander

    Melodic Metal Vocalist (alto) Looking for Online colabs/Romania - Lacuna Coil, Kamelot prog

    Hello my name is NaNa, I love all sorts of metal from prog djent to melodic, symphonic doom, some black metal etc. I am an alto, my range would be mid c3 till c6 and my favorites are lacuna Coil, Kamelot, Tesseract, Seventh Wonder, Jinjer, Myrath, Serenity, Conception and loooads others. I would...
  4. T

    The Divergent - Neuroplasticity

    Hey you metalheads! Our band The Divergent has made a debut release today, which includes 5-song EP and a music video from the song Neuroplasticity. The songs are progressive, djentish, groovy, melodic and punchy metal. Lyrics stem from the absurdity of the modern era – an indolence of...
  5. Jonny Lovato

    My band Ashes Of Arson's SINGLE (Metalcore)

    My band Ashes Of Arson just released our first single "Judgement Day" from our upcoming album "Through Embers Reborn". Let me know what you think please! Thank you. Here is the YouTube link below:
  6. darkcloudsoverme

    The Extinction Of DJent. The New Wave of Metal That Is About To Begin.

  7. D

    Interview with Sean Worrel of Nero Di Marte Killer Band, killer guitarist!
  8. Helldanova

    Help a metal band win a contest

    Good day, our female-fronted metal band IGNEA is now taking part in a contest that can give us $5,000 to invest into our music and eventually bring us to Nashville. We’ve got 1 week, till February, 11th. We are the only one metal band in this contest. And we need your help. When voting...


    Today Vevo unleashes the madness of MYRATH on the world with the debut of their new insane video "Believer"! New album Legacy in stores Feb 12th. ‪ Will be included in "METAL MONDAY" on VEVO February 1st. VEVO Social: Twitter (@metalonvevo) Pre-order their new album on iTunes and get the...
  10. Unscaled Seven

    Unscaled Seven - Trisect Debut Single @ItDjents (Band proudly endorses Mayones Guitars)

    Hey guys! We are a new Finnish prog band and we just released our debut title track from our upcoming EP 'Trisect' and it's streaming on ItDjents Tv! Check it out :) Youtube: Facebook: