Luna from Cydonia.
Jun 18, 2013
Good day, our female-fronted metal band IGNEA is now taking part in a contest that can give us $5,000 to invest into our music and eventually bring us to Nashville. We’ve got 1 week, till February, 11th. We are the only one metal band in this contest. And we need your help. When voting, remember, that if we win, we are going to bring you more music, merch, videos and other stuff.

To help us, please, register here and vote for IGNEA: http://superxtar.com/superxtar-monthly-contest/
It is super fast and simple.
We have already won in the weekly contest (otherwise, we wouldn't have reached the monthly), so we know that it works and all efforts are not in vain.

Extra important info:

1. Vote every 12 hours (make a reminder on your phone for that)
2. Create no more than 3 accounts from one IP address
3. There is no obvious log our option on the site, so if you want your friend to vote with his address from the same laptop, you can clear cookies or just use an incognito window.

Here is the video we are participating with:

Share with your friends, spread a word, and let us give you our most sincere thank you!

P.S. btw, contest hosts give away some bitcoins to those who vote, so you also have a chance to win something :)
Hi Helldanova,
i watched the Video and I really like your music so you got my vote!
Keep up the good work and I hope to see you someday live in Germany, :)