Melodic Metal Vocalist (alto) Looking for Online colabs/Romania - Lacuna Coil, Kamelot prog


Sep 17, 2016
Hello my name is NaNa, I love all sorts of metal from prog djent to melodic, symphonic doom, some black metal etc.
I am an alto, my range would be mid c3 till c6 and my favorites are lacuna Coil, Kamelot, Tesseract, Seventh Wonder, Jinjer, Myrath, Serenity, Conception and loooads others.
I would love to colab on almost anything metal and doom, progressive, black, heavy but especially goth/dark symphonic like Kamelot/Lacuna Coil, and anything with a darker vibe.
You will have several youtube links down bellow which include 3 songs with instruments and several acapella from prog metal to symphonic and porcupine tree.
Hit me up and let's talk!

Tesseracy Smile and the Arrow - Cover by me

Me featuring on a doom symphonic cover of Korn

My cover of Porcupine Tree Way Out - mixing done by me and vocals

And my fav Band Kamelot mixing+vocals done by me

And the last an prog acapella song which shows the versatility of my vocals!
Seventh Wonder - Tiara
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