UK online band?Vocalist here for Symphonic, melodic


Sep 17, 2016
Hi my name is Jo, currently vocalist and lyricst in Alio Gaia band. Also part of an online progressive sci-fi project. :D
I'm searching to join or make an online band, until something gets out (concerts, songs) but if possible
Birmingham, UK for rehearseals.
As I said I'm a singer, contralto/alto, I am an huge fan of Kamelot, symphonic metal, progressive, of an more dark sound/vibe, with heavy riffs, piano and so on.
An collaboration of me with band Cyclocosmia, doom/symphonic metal. Freak on a leash.

And this is made by me for my band Alio Gaia, called Hunting Shadows; Lyrics, recording, edithing by me

PM in case of something, also I am available only for sessions, songs etc.