real drums

  1. I

    Eden Circus - new multitracks (real drums/bass/git/vox)

    cheers everyone, since a couple of you guys enjoyed eden circus' last raws - here's another one! we uploaded the multitracks (incl. real drums for f*** sake!) for this sweet tune: again edited & digitally unprocessed, tempo is 150bpm straight if i remember correctly... (you'll find out)...
  2. Vihaleipä

    Instrumental Black Metal w./real drums

    Hi! It's been a while since I last time posted here, I just wanted to share my latest mix with you guys: I also have some drum samples that I captured from that session, but since I've gotten a bit better at drum recording I may record some better ones so I can share them. I played...
  3. Nikolas Quemtri

    Pop/Metal song, Dead by April-ish kind of music

    Check out the song I mixed, reamped and mastered recently: Any critique and questions are appreciated. Thanks! :headbang:
  4. Kellii

    Clean guitar/indy song(real drums) need advise

    Mixing my friends latest EP. I need advise/ a second opinion as I have listened to it too much and lost all objectivity. Let me know what you think. (second chorus).mp3?dl=0