1. Grog

    Somehow I recorded too Hot

    Kemper-> SPDIF to Scarlett-> Studio One (a dry signal and wet signal) I have no idea how it happened. I always made sure everything was green (kempers way of telling if somethings is clipping is pretty hard to tell sometimes) Maybe something happened in the Kemper. I recorded a lot of tracks...
  2. T

    trouble re-amping

    hi all, i am having some trouble re-amping, i record my di track through a Radial J48 into my Presonus studio 26c interface. I route my di track in mono to line out 3, connected to my radial PRO-RMP reamp box. I boost the di track by +8dB. It comes through the amp but it doesnt have the...
  3. Father Daniel

    CLOSED. Free mixing/mastering of 1 song and reamping of 3 songs (DKS Studios)

  4. MrBongo

    Editing, Mixing, Mastering etc. - The Dungeon has opened its doors

    Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen :headbang: starting in January I´ll be working full-time in my studio. Not "bedroom" or "advanced" level anymore, but full-on pro. This means any jobs from tedious editing to entire recordings can finally be done on short notice! German website...
  5. Nightmarer

    I need help with reamping

    Hi: I'm trying to reamp my guitars already recorded out from my DAW to a reamp box and I'm not getting enough signal to make it sound as it should. If I plug the guitar directly to the amp I get another sound with more armonics and more low sound. First I though it was because the reamp box, and...