1. H

    The Feathered Serpent (new prog metal single)

    Hi everyone, I write music...not as often as I should :/ This one made it across the finish line tho :headbang: Hope u like it: Cheers!
  2. A

    Opeth - Heir Apparent | guitar / instrumental cover | Fractal FM3

    This is my first project using the Fractal FM3. I 've used the Friedman amp. However, there are also two quiet guitars at 80% panning which are recorded using a real EVH5153 with Fredman Catharsis impulse response. The Les Paul is loaded with Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz. I 've used...
  3. Nivan Sharma

    Game Of Thrones Title Theme Goes Metal

  4. Nivan Sharma

    NFL Football Theme Metal Cover. I hope you guys enjoy :)

  5. Nivan Sharma

    I made a metal cover of Hidden Village from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Let me know what you

  6. Nivan Sharma

    How fast can I downpick? (What is your Maximum speed Guitarists?)

  7. Nivan Sharma

    Metal Guitar Solo in A# Minor (any feedback would be appreciated)

  8. Nivan Sharma

    Megadeth Sweating Bullets Solo Cover

  9. Nivan Sharma

    When you forget a metal riff you've written

  10. Nivan Sharma

    enter sandman but every time the riff loops it speeds up by 1 bpm (watch till the end)

  11. Nivan Sharma

    Styles Of Metal Solos Over The Same Riff

  12. Nivan Sharma

    symphony of destruction guitar solo 1% skill 99% editing
  13. S

    Full Album Stream of my debut guitar album now on YouTube!

    Hey UltimateMetalers! It was the first anniversary of my debut guitar album Chaos Mechanics and therefore I decided to put the full album stream on YouTube! You can check it out here: This is for fans of metal, shred and melodic lines in the style of Scar Symmetry, Paul Wardingham, Andy...
  14. M

    Hound of Hades - Death Metal from Northwest Arkansas

    UltimateMetal Community, If you would take a second out of your day to check out this talented metal band from Northwest Arkansas, I'll guarantee you wont regret it! These guys shred and are on all platforms for you to jam during your day! Enjoy!
  15. Greg Barnett

    Greetings Fellow Metal Heads

    Hi all. Greetings from a Brit in Western Australia! I make instrumental metal, mainly on YouTube for my mum to watch;) always working on getting heavier & faster so feedback from people on here will be most helpful. Cheers:kickass: 'Look on my works ye mighty and despair' -
  16. metashredeca

    Check out my band playing Enter Sandman by Metallica

    Hello guys! This is my band, Liliac, we are a family rock/metal band and we perform at the Santa Monica pier in California every weekend. We are currently working on our first original album. I would like to share this video of us and I would like to know what you guys think?
  17. Guitar_Freak1

    Daddy Rock Solo Contest - My Entry

    My entry for the daddy rock solo contest!
  18. Morgan Wick

    Hello, I’m a progressive metal guitarist from Seattle

    Hey everyone, My name is Morgan Wick, I’m a guitarist from Seattle, WA. My debut album is dropping soon. You can check out the first single here: and also check out my band A Sense of Gravity I look forward to chatting with you all. Thanks, Morgan
  19. Bass_Villain

    Xoth (members of Lecherous Nocturne/Warbringer/Bonded By Blood) Enjoy.
  20. D

    feedback requested

    Friends, This is a song, i 've written. The guitars were played by me, while the bass, drums and synths were programmed. I'd love to hear what you guys think. dinesh