sludge metal

  1. Sophii

    Sophia Harvey - Sludgewave

    Released 3 days ago. Combines a lot of shit into one big stirring pot. Taking everything from sludge metal, nu metal, industrial music, EDM, memphis horrorcore, and witch house aesthetics and blends it into one disgusting mess. FFO: Meshuggah, Godflesh, Korn, Black Dresses, Dir en Grey...
  2. E

    Varoshan - ...And Then The Rains Came - Debut album by progressive doom/sludge metal band

    Varoshan is a fresh metal band with Finnish and British members. The music combines many styles ranging from progressive post-metal to sludge-influenced hardcore metal. Fans of Neurosis, My Dying Bride, Converge and Iommi will find familiar features in the music. The album will be released...
  3. Sophii

    Sophii - Psilocybin Dreams Redux

    A remake of a song from my previous release under the moniker Terasophe, which is now called Sophii. Hail Audie Pitre.
  4. Sophii

    Terasophe - Slow Burn

    New Terasophe single tune. Something a bit different and more streamlined than my experimental fuckery that was Terra Vitae/Terra Mori. Along the lines of Alternative Metal with Doom/Sludge Metal and Psychedelic Rock phrasings.
  5. Sophii

    Terasophe - Podostroma Cornu-Damae/Molten Limb

    Check it out here: Working on a full length currently. The name is Terra Vitae/Terra Mori. This is a single from the album + an unreleased track I've had since 2017. Let me know what ya think!
  6. CJrose

    Doom/sludge metal

    My band Incande has released an EP recently and I'm trying to get some more listeners, it's been called doom/sludge so that's what we're going with! And any feedback would be appreciated!
  7. dorkmaster34245

    As I Die at My Desk - New Album Out Today

    Fourth LP just released by Dayton, Ohio one man Doom/Sludge/Post-Metal act. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  8. Thunraz

    Thunraz - Bloodstone [Industrial infused death metal] [FFO: Hate Eternal, Godflesh]

    Hi. I've just released the first EP of my one man project: Here's what The Gate of Horror Daily Review had to say about it: "THUNRAZ is a band from Estonia that has released today an Ep called "Bloodstone" 5 Death Metal songs with a raw sound, slow parts, a distorted sound guitar, a very...
  9. dorkmaster34245

    As I Die At My Desk

    Hey everybody, just popping on to share my debut Doom Metal album "Suicide as Cleansing"! Check out the bandcamp link below and share if you like what you hear! Also, check out the facebook page and give that a like!
  10. CiG

    Miserably Ever After: The Official Sludge Thread

    It's been noted before that we have several sludge metal threads but they always go inactive, so I'm putting this up and a concerted effort will be made to keep it active I guess. Post any kind of sludge discussion, news, links, collection photos, newly purchased lists and anything else...
  11. skeleton-eyes

    Troll Mother - Forest Child - Metal Audio Book

    Blah blah blah my band yaddah yaddah yaddah Go listen blah blah Go buy blah
  12. Luan Albani


    DOWNLOAD: Devil's Lab presents the Wasteland Cabs. It's 5 guitar cabinets impulse response and 1 bass cabinets impulse response. Is mix ready and works very well on stoner rock, desert rock, sludge metal, doom metal, 70s rock, also on all kind of metal. It's design to work with LPT Alpha by...
  13. Sophii

    Terasophe Reviews - #1: Acid Bath - Pagan Terrorism Tactics

    Ahh, I miss reviewing! Many years ago in my adolescence I reviewed a few albums on a Tumblr page I had. Then I realized how terrible that site is and ever since I've stayed away from reviewing. Well that changes today. I will start a series of reviews covering some of my favorite releases, and...
  14. Sophii


    Hey guys! I have another little thing out. If you dig Southern/Sludge/Doom/Punk, give it a listen and lemme know what you think!
  15. Sophii

    Terasophe - Defilement

    Hey there UM! Thought I'd share with you guys some of the stuff I made. Weirdo industrial metal with poor recording quality. Tell me what you guys think!
  16. S

    Third Island - Dusk Ep. Atmospheric doom from Ireland

    My band Third Island recently released our debet EP "Dusk". Check it out on bandcamp below.
  17. Ancient Man

    Acid Bath Lyrics

    Hey all, Been such a massive fan of Acid Bath due to many reasons, their hard riffs and gloomy, sludgy sound, Dax Riggs near perfect vocals but most of all their lyrical content. Never heard anything quite like them. Specially songs like Scream of the Butterfly and Bleed me an Ocean. So my...
  18. The Nebulosity

    The Nebulosity - Album "c" (Prog Metal)

    We have just recently released our first album called "c" and it's a prog/doom/phycadelic disk. We have a facebook page also. The album clocks in at about 45 mins and it represents our passion of music! Here is a link to our album on soundcloud:
  19. ThatDrummerGuy

    Written Interview- Jon Davis Of Conan

    Hey guys, check out my latest interview and first interview of 2016 with Jon Davis, Frontman and guitarist of the UK Doom/Death/Sludge Metal band, Conan. This was conducted today to promote their newest album, Revengance coming out next Friday via Napalm Records...
  20. metaltrenches

    Cult of Lilith and The Lion's Daughter

    One for fans of death metal of the blackened, technical (but not "tech death) variety, the latter for fans of blackened sludge. Reviews and streams below: CoL TLD