1. OldVale

    I need advices for an Amp !

    Hi everyone ! I come to you because I need some help. Long story short, my guitarist is about to leave my band and I'll have to take his place (I'm the singer, I'll do both). As I was only playing guitar to write songs at home, I just have a cheap guitar and use VST amps on my DAW. But now...
  2. Onder

    Hearing the difference? Role of instruments and gear in metal sound

    I was wondering - what role do instruments and musician's gear have on the resulting sound, really? And specifically in extreme metal? I assume we won't be talking much about guitars and basses per se as the sound in metal is so heavily distorted, but what about the amps? I vaguely remember...
  3. D

    XERO - Savior feat. Jeff Waters (Annihilator)

    Let me know what you guys think :)
  4. L

    Help needed! Nightwish Century Child Snare sample

    Hi, I´m mixing a band who said they wanted Nightwish Century Style style snare sound. Drums are already programmed so one hit sample would enough to recreate the sound. If you know any sample near that sound in the deep jungles of internet, please let me know! And thank you for your time! I...
  5. P-Keisari

    Nile guitar tone with IRs?

    Haha! It seems I'm now bombing this forum with my questions almost every day. Straight to the point: Are there any Nile (Annihilation of the Wicked, Those Whom the Gods Detest or What Should not be Unearthed) guitar impulse responses online to download? Some people make those impulses...