1. K

    Logic Pro X Metal Mix Template (Free Download)

    Download Logic Pro X Metal Mix Template for free using free and stock plugins -
  2. DIYistkrieg

    Templates: yes or no way?

    Hi guys, I'm on holidays and it's kinda boring here today, so my mind went wandering in the "audio world" and came back with a question for you all: do you think using templates is a good thing? Is it really necessary? What are the benefits and the downsides of it? My personal POV is that...
  3. henryjarv

    Reaper Drum Sampler 2017

    I posted a thread few years ago, about drum sampler project in Reaper, and shared some project files. But all those are lost somewhere, and many have asked me about those files..... So I created a new (better) version of that template, and try not to delete it from Dropbox this time. If you...
  4. henryjarv

    Free cymbal samples + 2Box midi template for Reaper

    Here's a lot of cymbal samples (Stereo, 2 OH mics) https://www.dropbox.com/s/uu2p74qeavdkiwv/HJ_Cymbals_10.06.2017.rar?dl=0 Hi-Hat: Closed_1_Shaft, Closed_2_Shaft, Closed_1_Tip, Closed_2_Tip, Pedal, Open_A/B/C/D Ride: Shaft, Tip, Bell Crash 1: Shaft, Bell, Choke Crash 2: Shaft, Bell, Choke...
  5. DevelopDevice

    All DAW templates with a 50% discount!!

    Autumn SALE! All templates with a 50% discount!! Offer is a limited time, so do not hesitate. Check it out: https://sellfy.com/developdevice Thank you very much for the massive support and have a nice day!
  6. DevelopDevice

    SD2 "Tesseract" style / Cubase Project + SD2 Preset

    Premixed template for FREE. Today Only! https://sellfy.com/p/u9aP/
  7. DevelopDevice

    Cubase pre-mixed template

    Hi there, I prepared Cubase template built only EZMix 2. Nothing more needed. If anybody cares, more info in the description below the video :) Have nice day.