Oct 12, 2014
I posted a thread few years ago, about drum sampler project in Reaper, and shared some project files.
But all those are lost somewhere, and many have asked me about those files.....

So I created a new (better) version of that template, and try not to delete it from Dropbox this time.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I try to explain:

Project template for Reaper, to use your own drum samples
Each track has 1 or more ReaSamplomatic5000, where you add the samples, should be easy
Kick, Snare and Toms have 4 RR (Round Robin) layers, and cymbals 2. If you only need 1, just remove layers 4, 3 and 2
......And of course you can even add more.
In this new version, I added "JS: MIDI Choke", to make Hi-Hat more realistic, and to stop crash cymbals when choke sample hits.
......If you don't have a choke sample for crash, you can just write normal crash midi note (49/57), and after that the choke note (50/58), that stops it when you wan't.
This project version is for mono or stereo samples, multichannel files needs different type of project.
......(For example if you have samples with every mic in each sample, like in DrumGizmo)

I Also added Guitar, Bass, Vocal and Midi tracks with different colors and track icons, so it should be easy to open the project and start recording.
......Just remove if you don't need those.

Use track manager to see more or less tracks, some are hidden away from the Mixer view.




+Cymbal samples if you need:
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So quiet here, everyone using SD/EZ/AD or something like that? Anyway, I recommend to try this if you have a ton of samples without any use.

Anything to fix, or something to add? Ideas?
Does this template have any samples in it as it is?
No......But in the first post there's that link to my cymbal samples. And kick/snare/toms can be found from many places.
Try for example "the metal kick drum" website, there's a lot of kicks, 3 snares, and 3 toms, and all sound really good and are free.
And from this forum I have found good samples many times.