DIY Drum machine in Reaper

Super clean now!!!
Explain me how works the round robin...example, i have 10 samples of kick insert them in the first reasamplomatic RR_1, now i insert the same samples in second reasamplomatic in kick channel?
You need different samples for those RR-layers, but with same velocities, about.

If you use same samples, there's no difference, because then it doesn't alternate between different samples in same velocity.

Try to use for example for a kick, two different hard hits, another to RR_1, and another to RR_2...
If you now play something with kick, every other hit goes to RR_1, and every other to RR_2.

And for more realism, add more RR-layers.

^ 3rd post there...

But two layers is a good start.

^ There's a really good free drum kit. Left and right hand samples for snare and Hat, if I remember right.
(Left samples to RR_1, and Right to RR_2).