DIY bass VSTi for Reaper


Oct 12, 2014
Here's some kind of "DIY bass VSTi" for Reaper.
I did this only for fun, and to try is it possible and how it sounds.

Bass is Yamaha TRBX304 and it was in drop B.

4 RR-layers for every note. (lowest: 4th string 0 B and highest 1st string 12)

In this template that I created I didn't actually use all those notes, only every third
(Reasamplomatic can pitch shift those notes). And no need to use 100000 sampleplayers...
But if you want to, there's all notes in folders.

Notes are named by string, fret, note and RR-layer,
so "4-3-D_RR_1"= 4th string, 3rd fret, D, RR-layer 1.......Should be easy to understand.

There's a short test how it sounds:

..And download:

I know it's not perfect, but can be useful if you don't have a bass.
I use the samplomatic for basic electronic beats sometimes for using my own .wav. If they would take time into improving the GUI for multilayer instruments, it could actually be cool, because technically it is powerful enough for whatever sampling someone would ever need.