1. henryjarv

    Free Swedish Death Metal HM2 Guitar Tone
  2. Choleric Sound

    GGD Modern and Massive + The Fall of Troy=?

    Hi! I keep trying GGD Modern and Massive. This time I practiced on The Fall of Troy multirack. How it sounds for You?
  3. AntonioPetrole

    [Tutorial] Input/Output Mapping In Reaper

    Hey all, Been super busy with moving to my new house among other things but I made some time for a quick tutorial. This may be a somewhat basic concept, but I have a feeling a lot of people overlook it just like I did for a long time. This is a sample tutorial on how to map your inputs and...
  4. AntonioPetrole

    [Tutorial] Free Vocalign Alternative In Reaper

    Oi my dudes. I came across a sweet script on the cockos forums that has similar functionality to aligning takes in Vocalign (not vocal tuning). I made a quick video that ended up quite long, but I walk through all the steps on how to get/install it. Enjoy!
  5. henryjarv

    Reaper Drum Sampler 2017

    I posted a thread few years ago, about drum sampler project in Reaper, and shared some project files. But all those are lost somewhere, and many have asked me about those files..... So I created a new (better) version of that template, and try not to delete it from Dropbox this time. If you...
  6. henryjarv

    Free cymbal samples + 2Box midi template for Reaper

    Here's a lot of cymbal samples (Stereo, 2 OH mics) Hi-Hat: Closed_1_Shaft, Closed_2_Shaft, Closed_1_Tip, Closed_2_Tip, Pedal, Open_A/B/C/D Ride: Shaft, Tip, Bell Crash 1: Shaft, Bell, Choke Crash 2: Shaft, Bell, Choke...
  7. TheGuillen

    New Album - Guillen "Into The Void" (Progressive Metal) Video

    Share and enjoy the jams!
  8. S

    Influences - Everest: free DI Files

    - full video. Download zip: I look forward to your mixes , guys . It is very interesting that you get , with my DI. By the way they are you ?
  9. henryjarv

    How to edit/glue/render samples faster in Reaper?

    So, my problem is, that when I have recorded something like 500 drum samples, it takes forever to glue and render everything. I always glue all those individual samples, and then select for example all kick samples and render (selected items). BUT: Is it possible to select many samples, and...
  10. Nikolas Quemtri

    Pop/Metal song, Dead by April-ish kind of music

    Check out the song I mixed, reamped and mastered recently: Any critique and questions are appreciated. Thanks! :headbang:
  11. Wake of Magellan

    Making music with computer

    Hey guys Lately been getting into making music with computer and I have a few metal drum tracks (and one "complete" track), I've uploaded to YouTube and would like some feedback from those. Going to upload some complete tracks to YouTube soon, mostly metal and some synthpop :D here and there.
  12. TheGuillen

    Metal Cover of Adele "Hello"

    Decided to give it a go, check it out, let me know what you hear in the track! Better audio track is available on Guitar tone made with Amplitube, Soldano amp. DAW: Reaper