1. R

    Remote mixing & mastering

    Hi everyone! My name is Rafael and I am offering mixing and mastering services for Rock & Metal bands anywhere in the world, via my studio MetalworX Music Studio. Visit my website to listen to some examples of my latest work and hopefully we can work together on...
  2. PM Recording your (f...) face!

    Moin Moin! I just want to introduce this new song to you. Thrash, Hardcoe, Punk influenced.
  3. ChemicalWarfare84

    Looking for bands with a classic, NWOBHM or thrash sound

    OK, forgive me if I do this wrong. Believe me, I read that post here that I should read before posting. That aside, for those who don't know me, my primary interests in metal are classic metal (including stuff that wouldn't necessarily have a subgenre), NWOBHM and thrash. Among my favorite...
  4. _Revenant_

    Beseech the Scars - Access All Areas - NEW RELEASE!

    Please like, share, comment and subscribe! This is the second track to be released, and like so many of the tracks we'll be releasing over time, they all have a specific concept in mind. However, before giving the game away feel free to let us know in the comments what you think the song might...
  5. damako3

    Cryptic Confinement - Fanning The Flames Of Reprisal (Single)

    While their forthcoming album is on the way this is the first single off it. The guys are into Thrash Metal genre hailing from Dallas, Tx. Give 'em a stream and a thumb. Facebook Page Big Cartel
  6. Nailed Reaper

    Seversun - total metal from Russia

    New music video from a Russian band Seversun. The new album Headlong Through Blood coming soon.
  7. Manolin

    VALKNUT - [Thrash/Groove/Metal]

    I present you "VALKNUT", my solo band, with which offers songs with energy, speed and forcefulness as well as music full of expressiveness and brutality. If you like beast music.... turn up the volume, sharpen the horns and enjoy as if there were no tomorrow! With notable influences from other...
  8. A

    "PANDEMIC DESTINY" by Vulture Locust - Live Grindcore + Extreme Metal 2020 LP Free Download

    12 Live Tracks Grindcore / Extreme Metal Vulture Locust from Portland Oregon "Pandemic Destiny (Live In Portland) MP3 ZIP WAV ZIP Google/Fbook search for more info + albums
  9. A

    Vulture Locust - "Command Presence" (WAV ZIP Full Album) Extreme Metal + Grindcore BEST Quality

    Extreme Metal & Grindcore from Portland Oregon VULTURE LOCUST Best WAV Version Debut Studio Album Command Presence" 2015 15 Tracks Vicious & Savage Grind Best Quality Anywhere Online Link 1 - http://www[.]mediafire[.]com/file/imzqnfrcoamhyuy/ Link 2 -...
  10. S

    Enpsychopedia Brutalica - Kill Your Parents

    Enpsychopedia Brutalica's video for the single "Kill your parents". The band's video was pulled from MTV after a fan killed their parents. The bands is currently serving a life sentence.
  11. metaltrenches

    Sick Crossover Thrash from Cruel Bomb FFO Power Trip (Reaction Video)

  12. Inprobus

    Inprobus new DEMO 2020

    Slovak death thrash metal band proudly presents new demo Retribution opinions very welcome
  13. F

    Is anybody outthere who wishes to help us with mixing and mastering a metal song?

    Hello everyone.We have a band from 2014 our first job was an e.p album, that was released the same year with very good feedback, the gender is melodic death metal,with thrashcore elements and many angry vocals. After the release of the e.p for some years and because the obligations for all the...
  14. O


    We are Sarcastic, a metal band based in Yogyakarta. Formed in 2015, Sarcastic, which was originally formed as Sarcastic Existence, changed its name to Sarcastic from the end of 2018 until now. Now Sarcastic has released an EP entitled Cruel Intentions, which was digitally released in August...
  15. Aeons Abyss

    Death & Thrash Metal Playlist 2019 Underground Releases

    To support new release underground metal, I've started this playlist on my Youtube and Spotify Channels. I.m generally keeping it to one song per band, and IMO to be added to the list, the music needs to be good! This is the description from the Youtube Channel: "Here are some of the best...
  16. J

    Metal Youtuber joining.

    I'm new here. I run TheMetal a new channel youtube. I do pretty much daily videos announcing upcoming albums with a brief description of those bands and put links to their new material. I currently use Metal-archives as my source. If there any other good sources I'd appreciate them, I try...
  17. MaxoMarto

    Hi everyone! This is my introduction

    Hi, I'm Maxo Marto, from Argentina, 22 years old, student of audio engineering/musical production and I want to show you my Youtube channel, where I upload videos of my productions (Now I just work in covers, but in the future I hope give you some of my compositions)...
  18. MaxoMarto

    Arise - Sepultura (Full Cover) By Maxo Marto

    Hi, my name is Maxo Marto from Argentina and I want to show you my new video! This time about a song which crushed heads over the years! I hope you like it! If you think this is good stuff, I would appreciate the subscribe of my channel, shares, likes, comments and anything you can tell me...
  19. causeunknown

    First new song of 2019! Looking for feedback on my thrash instrumental track

    Made with Cubase 9.5, ignite amps, ownhammer impulses, and superior drummer 3. I'm always looking to improve my mixes, so please give a listen and let me know what you think!
  20. I

    Looking for "groove oriented/repetitive riffs" (also some gems in the thread)

    I'm looking for old school thrash, death metal, or death/thrash songs with repetitive type riffs with a groove to them. Some of these are more thrashy constant downpicking type grooves (think sepultura) others are more "death boogy" I'll post some songs with links below for reference. I'd like...