1. L

    How to get an old school black metal tone that doesn't suck?

    I'm going for something akin to what you'd hear on an early Immortal, Dissection, or Inquisition album. Nothing raw/lofi/necro/other buzzwords, and nothing too tight/modern/mid focused. Just a nice old school black metal tone that doesn't sound like it was recorded with a dildo and two toasters...
  2. henryjarv

    Free Swedish Death Metal HM2 Guitar Tone
  3. JarekMusil

    AUDIFIED ToneSpot Drum plugins released - special offer for You!

    Hey guys! Check out my brand new plug-ins I have designed for Audified. There are 2 versions: Pro Express I have put a ton of my know-how into ToneSpot plug-ins. I have learned a lot thanx to this forum as well. Check them out and tell me what you think! Any feedback appreciated! If you...
  4. uner9000

    Gallant Sound Boutique Cabs

    Gallant FLORA 2x12 33081261_2036471759947226_2999241775228387328_o by uner9000 posted May 22, 2018 at 1:40 PM We make modern handcrafted acoustic enclosures for supreme tone and looks. Head over our site or FB page to find out more.
  5. P-Keisari

    Anyone interested in re-amping? (brutal/tech death metal)

    Hi! I'm asking for a huge favor here. I've been mixing this one death metal album for so long that I don't even dare to tell. One reason it has been taking so long is the lack of equipment. I have re-amped these guitars four times already, but I can't get the sound I'm looking for. I have only...
  6. matteo95

    born of osiris tone

    In the following link you can listen my mixtest of The other half of me by Born of osiris. I'm open to any critics,I'm not a pro on this. You can contact me at if you want your songs or cover edited and mixed at very low prices since I want to start to make my own...
  7. HeadlessKvlt

    Pickups for Slam/Brutal Death Metal

    I need a good set of pickups for my custom headless being pushed through a 6505+ over a Marshall MG412 mic'd up by a SM57. I would like to get a tone close to Visceral Disgorge, Ingested or Devourment's album Conceived in Sewage. Any help is appreciated. >Pic Related
  8. P-Keisari

    Nile guitar tone with IRs?

    Haha! It seems I'm now bombing this forum with my questions almost every day. Straight to the point: Are there any Nile (Annihilation of the Wicked, Those Whom the Gods Detest or What Should not be Unearthed) guitar impulse responses online to download? Some people make those impulses...


    If you're looking for a new tone, listen here.


    Here's a mix-ready tone perfect for all metal styles.