1. this-is-a-cool-username

    MY KEMPER PROFILES - all Amps of the Axe Fx2, Helix, Vetta 2 and many real Amps (over 800) FREE!!

    Hey! Have fun with my profiles guys And i update them from time to time, so yeah...keep you eyes open On the newer Profiles i try to make variations of the amp with settings at noon or very broadbandsound so that you have a good base for further tweaking and i make many di Profiles now...
  2. Dakota Malinowski

    Not Quitting

    Not Quitting By: Dakota Malinowski In the words of Napoleon Hill, “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. This statement is empowering to those who understand it while applying it, because most people will quit when the going gets rough and thusly creates the...