1. A Splendorous Death

    Amon Amarth Tribute - Looking for project singer (just this song)

    Thought I'd see if someone would care to try making some vocals for this one. Just a little one-off track I knocked together, for the fun of it: ... and put your back into it ;)
  2. Ray Mills

    Looking for Deathmetal vocalist 4 studio

    Hi, im from a band called Thy Devourer () and I'm starting up another internet deathmetal project that sounds like Beneath The Massacre / JFAC but I'm needing a vocalist for the song i plan on going to the studio to record. If interested and would like to see if you're a fit, message here and...
  3. L

    Youtube vocal cover

    Hello to everyone! Nothing very original from me but I just re-opened my youtube channel few days ago with a within temptation vocal cover and I wanted to share it with you... still so much to learn and I am nothing compare to Sharon of course, but here it is, I hope you like it
  4. Jayden_Nucleust

    Metalcore Vocalist // Friends ?

    Hey guys Im Jayden, I do vocals in a metalcore band out of Australia called Nucleust Lost my old Acc log in details. Latest Single
  5. Turdwallet

    Tech death guitarist looking for other musicians for collab project

    I'm a guitarist from Delaware and I live and breathe death metal/tech death. I recently started looking again for other musicians to collab with and I'm trying to get back into starting a new project. This is my life passion and if you think you may be interested in doing an online project with...
  6. Bohemian Dark

    Hi all!

    I'm Ana, nice to meet you! I'm the vocalist of the power metal band Yavith. We just released an EP, called Sunrise to Sunset and it's available to listen on Spotify and over 150 digital platforms :) I have some free time now, and I'm in Canada, so if anybody is open for a collaboration please...
  7. M

    Band searching for vocalist (Power metal and Trash metal Style)

    Hi, I'm searching for a Power METAL or Trash metal vocalist. I have already many songs. Basically the only restriction is that the vocalist needs to have a basic home studio to share the files. People. That have interest please send an email to gallinucci.projetos@gmail.com. That's all. Thanks.
  8. punch77

    Help me ID a band/vocalist? (SOLVED)

    Hi, I'm new here and I'm trying to remember the name of a band I saw on a concert channel, back in 2012. I had just moved into my house, and the cable company was giving me a free two weeks of live concert channels (I think Palladia was one)... Anyway, there was a festival going on which, as...
  9. Blacksmith93

    Studio Band Online, who's up?

    Hey there! As the title says, I'd like to start up a studio band, i'm a vocalist and guitarist - but im injured - and would be intrested in some thrashy/groovy kinda think. Or even metalcore. The only thing is that I suck at writing lyrics - FUCK MY LIFE! .... Well, let me know! here my last...
  10. Metaldragon1982

    Hi, I'm Metal vocalist in Korea.

    Hi, I'm Metal vocalist in Korea. I upload my cover song or my music on youtube. Please listen my song and have a goodtime Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmP-EYwuVMCOXLpXVoImfjw?view_as=subscriber Thank you!
  11. D

    Black Metal VOCALIST for 2 tracks.

    Greetings. I play Bass and do production for a black metal band from Greece, Thessaloniki. We are seeking for a session vocalist to record 2 tracks. Main influences: Aggaloch, Wolves in the Throne Room, etc. Everything will be provided (metronome, drum tracks, guitars, lyrics and raw vocal...
  12. 3

    Farida Lemouchi's vocals (The Devil's Blood)

    so I'd really love to learn how to do Farida's vocal style. The problem is I have a very young sounding, soft voice but I can sing. Hers is very feminine, clean, and powerful. Based on your experience, I am wondering how I could possibly learn this. Could I learn at home? Do you guys know of any...
  13. SpiralTapir


    How do you write and remember lyrics?
  14. G

    How to growl like travis ryan?

    So i am new to vocals. I can do inhales and bad death growls. I can scream like travis yet i cant growl like him anyone knows whats his techq.v?
  15. I


    I, Valiance have just released a new single featuring a very familiar sounding vocalist. check it out!
  16. Decima Band

    Vocalist required for prog/math metal band, Sheffield UK

    Hello everyone, I play in DECIMA. We're from SHEFFIELD, UK. We play RIFFY, GROOVY music; some HEAVY, some ATMOSPHERIC, with lots of ENERGY and TIME SIGNATURES. We NEED a VOCALIST. We are open to ALL TYPES of VOICE and styles both MALE and FEMALE. A selection of our PRE-PRODUCTION tracks can...
  17. Salander

    Birmingham looking for vocalist? or online project?

    Hello, I'm currently in Romania, but planning to move in Birmingham soon, I'm a contralto singer, looking either for "online projects" or maybe to join a band.create one. Desired style would be power metal, symphonic, progressive, with lots of influences. My favorite bands are Kamelot, Serenity...
  18. SteveFireland

    Vocalist required for online collaboration

    I've had an album pretty much ready to go for my band Fireland for a few years now, but my main band Stormzone has been keeping me busy the past few years. What I need is someone who can record their own vocals... all the tracks have lyrics and melodies written already, they just need a proper...
  19. DreamDancer124


    I'm Ross Day, a vocalist out of Western Australia. I am seeking a really fucking heavy and technical band to do vocals on. In my band ATM, it is post hardcore. As much as I love my role in the band and the vocals I do, I am bound by the genre... I would love to really experiment and get scary...
  20. DjaseBal

    Looking For Musicians To Collab With Metalcore/Deathcore

    I'm an audio engineer. I play guitar and can write midi drums, bass, orchestra, and synth. I'm looking for other musicians to do random covers or original songs for fun. I'll do pretty much any style between Metalcore and Deathcore and can mix and master everything we work on. Mainly looking for...