Vocalist required for online collaboration


Stormzone/Fireland - Lead Guitar
Sep 18, 2007
Northern Ireland
I've had an album pretty much ready to go for my band Fireland for a few years now, but my main band Stormzone has been keeping me busy the past few years. What I need is someone who can record their own vocals... all the tracks have lyrics and melodies written already, they just need a proper singer to get the thing over the line! Demos are available for all the tracks if you want to check them out.

Vocal style-wise, we've had a few different singers over the years, so I'm open to just about anything, except really extreme stuff - and even then a little bit of that would be cool, just not all the time. But it doesn't need to be similar to the previous recordings, that's the point I'm trying (badly) to make :)

Here's a track we did in 2010 or so:

And a track from the first album from 2008:

And a track from our first demo, which was 2003 I think:

Everything will sound better this time around, I hope, now that I sort of know my way around a recording studio.

If you're interested, and have a few evenings to kill in your own studio, get in touch and I can send you a few sample tracks - me@stevemoore.tv