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Mar 1, 2002
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- All CD/LP/EP/MC here are ONLY ORYGINAL releases, no copies, NO CDR's (beside demos and if it's marked). Most of them are NEW or …
- Condition of all CD/LP/EP/MC at least is very good,
- My e-mail: gapraf@yahoo.com

AETERNUS Burning The Shroud CD (black/ death metal from Norway)
ALTAR Provoke CD (death metal)
ASTARTE Doomed dark years CD (female raw b/m from Greece)
BESATT Roots of evil MCD (new release of this PL satanistic b/m horde, ltd. to 666)
BRUJERIA The singles CD (compilation of 20 live, reh, rare… tracks)
DAMNATION Coronation MCD (satanic d/m)
DARZAMAT In the flames of black art CD (first pressing of this album in hole punch, good PL b/m with keyboards)
DEMIGOD Slumber of sullen eyes CD Drowned (very rare release of this Finish death metal gods, killer muzikk)
FUNERAL RITES Necroeater CD (b/m from Japan in old good style)
MALEDICTION Mould of industrial horizon 7" EP (very good d/m from UK, 1991)
MASTER'S HAMMER A tribute to MH CD (tribute pay 13 bands, including Forgotten Silence …)
MORTIIS Fod til a herske CD (His debut, 1st Malicious pressing)
MROK Eternal Madness CD-R w/professional cover (dark industrial/ambient, hellish vision of darkness, PL)
NAER MATARON Up from the ashes CD (raw b/m with mithological influences, Greece)
NECROMICON Peccata Mundi CD (Black/Death Metal from Sweden)
RHYMES OF DESTRUCTION A Sun Revolution CD (pagan b/m)
RUNEMAGIC Ancient Incantations EP (d/m from Sweden)
SAXORIOR Portent of Eternity CD (b/m)
SERENADE The 28th pararell CD (doom from UK)
SERENADE Plague of time MCD (their last material)
SERENADE The Chaos They Create CD (klimatyczny Doom z Anglii)
SUFFER On sour ground 7" EP (good death/thrash from the beginnin of the 90's, Sunlight sound)
THANATOS Angelic encounters CD (3rd album of those d/m veterans from Ned)
TOTENHAUS Slit Your Throat CD-R R w/professional cover (brutal Noise/Ambient, ltd. to 50 copies)
UMBILICUS MUNDIS L'Ancien Code CD (avantgarde Black/Doom/Death Metal)
VALLES LACRIMARUM A Piece of Snails... CD-R with professional cover (new synth ambient from PL)
VIOLATION Beyond the graves CD (d/m from Sweden)

HELLVETO MCDr (new single of this Slavonic project)
NORTH Korona printed cdr (new album of this PL pagan b/m)
SILVA NIGRA Chlad noci CD (b/m with Inferno members)
VOKODLOK Unchain The Wolf MCD (raw b/m from Transylvania/Romania)

ABIGAIL Intecourse & lust - PROMO CD 15 zł
ABRAXAS 99 25 zł
AION "Reconcillation" 25 zł
AION "Symbol 25 zł
ANIMA DAMNATA/THRONEUM Gods of Abhorrence CD (polskie hordy Death/Black Metal, Beherit cover, NEW '02)
ARKONA Zeta Retikuli (A Tale About Hatred Total Enslavement) CD (slavonic black metal from Poland) 35 zł
ASGAARD When the twilight set in again 22 zł
ATROPOS Triafata 2CD 35 zł
AZARATH Demon Seed (primitive, evil death metal with ex-Damantion members from Poland) 30 złBESATT Roots of evil MCD (5 new tracks including two covers, uncompromise satanic Polish horde, ltd. #666)
BEHEMOTH Pandemonic incantations - digi (5 bonus tracks) 35 zł
BEHEMOTH Satanica digi + video track 35 zł
BEHEMOTH Chaotica - The essecnce of underground digi box set (2MC 10 zł / 2CD 45 zł)
BEHEMOTH Live in Touluse MCD 20 zł
BELFEGOR "The work of destruction"
BLACK ALTAR/VESANIA-Wrath Ov The Gods/Moonastray split CD (two black Metal Hordes from Poland) ltd to 666 copies
BUDGIE Budgie CD 22 zł
BUDGIE Squawk 22 zł
BUDGIE Never turn back on a friend 22 zł
BUDGIE Bandoriel 22 zł
BUDGIE In for a kill 22 zł
CHRIST AGONY unholyunion/Deamonseth act 35 zł re-issue
CHRIST AGONY Elysium 25 zł
CHRIST AGONY Live - apocalypse 30 zł zł
CHRIST AGONY Trilogy / Epitaph of Christ CD - legenda Polskiej sceny Black! 30 zł
COLD PASSION New age of architects 22 zł
CONTEMPT The secret around us (killer death/grind from Slovakia)
CONTEMPT When angels begin to cry NEW album CD
CREATION OF DEATH Purify Your Soul 22 zł (thrash/death from the beginning of 90ies, Poland)
DAMNATION Resist 30 zł
DECAPITATED Nihility 30 pln
DEICIDE "Legion" 35 pln
DEICIDE "Deicide" 35 pln
DESTRUCION "All hell breaks loose" 35 zł
DEVILYN Anger CD - Death Metal 25 zł
DEVILYN Reborn In Pain CD - Death Metal, Polska 25 zł
DISSENTER "Apocalypse of the damned" Death Metal, Polska
DOMAIN "…from oblivion …" 30 zł
EMPIRIA Angeltears gothic black metal Polska 28 zł
ESQARIAL Amorphous" 30 zł
ESQARIAL Inheritance - New album
EXCOMMUNION Superion (d/m from USA)
GATHERING Almost a dance 28 zł
GOETIA "Hail Satan" (black metal) 33 pln
HATE Victims 25 zł
HATE Cain's way 25 zł
HATE Lord is avenger 25 pln
HATE Evil decade of Hate 25 pln
HATE Awakening of the liar (NEW album, killer d/m from PL)
HELL-BORN Hellblast 30 zł
HERMH Angeldemon (very good Black Metal, Polska - Pagan Records release) 30 zł
HORRORSCOPE "Pictures of pain" (thrash/death metal, Poland)
IMMORTAL Damned in black 38 zł
IMPERATOR The Time Before Time CD/LP (legendary Polish band, this LP was planned to released in Deathlike Silence)
LOST SOUL Scream of The Mourning Star CD - brutalny Death Metal, Polska 30 zł
LOST SOUL Umbermenesch (Death God) (great death metal from Poland, '02 NEW album) 30 zł
LUNA AD NOCTUM Dimness' Profound CD - Black Metal, Polska '02
LUX OCCULTA "Dionysos" 25 zł
LUX OCCULTA "Forever alone immortal" 25 zł
LUX OCCULTA "My guardian anger" 25 zł
LUX OCCULTA "Maior arcana" 25 pln
MISTERIA Masquerade of Shadows CD - mistyczny Black/Doom/Death 30 zł
MISTERIA Universe Funeral CD - nowy album! Oryginalna mieszanka Black i Death Metalu '02 30 zł
MOON Daemon's Heart (Cezar's from Christ Agony side-project) 30 zł
MUTILATION Obssessed by reality (very good old school d/m from PL in veins Bolt Thrower, Grave…)
NECROMANCER 7 ways to die 18 zł
NIGHTLY GALE ...And Jesus Wept (in the veins of Unholy, totally music only for masochists, PL Pagan Records) 30 zł
ON THORNS I LAY "Angeldust" '02
PANDEMONIUM "Devilri/The ancient Katatonia" 2CD 32 zł re-issue (over 10000 copies "Devilri" '92 demo sold)
PROFANUM Misantropiae Floris MCMXCIII - MMI 30 zł
PROFANUM Musaeum Esotericum 30 zł
PROFANUM Profanum Aeternum... 30 zł
PSYCHOTRON ash mind 18 zł
SACRILEGIUM Wicher 30 zł (raw pagan b/m, album form 1996, Poland, Pagan Records)
SADNESS Evangelion 18 zł
SIRRAH Did tomorrow come... 25 zł
SIRRAH Acme 25 zł
SLAYER Diabolus in musica 38 zł
SODOM Better off dead 35 zł
SPARAGMOS CD Conflict 22 zł
THE ELYSIAN FIELDS "12ablaze" '02
THEMOGOROTH "Highway to the unknow" 28 zł
TOWER Mercury 22 zł
TOWER Swan princess (v. good atmospheric metal, many style death, doom ,..PL)
TRAUMA Daimonion - Death Metal 30 zł
TRAUMA "Crash test - live" 30 zł
TRAUMA "Comedy is over" 30 zł
TRAUMA "Suffocated in slumber" (killer album, great d/m POLAND again)30 zł
TYPE'O'NEGATIVE World coming down 22 zł
VADER De profudis 30 zł
VADER The darkest age - live 30 zł
VADER Live in Japan 30 zł
VADER Litany 30 zł
VADER Angel of death MCD '02
VADER Revelations (NEW 2002 digi with bonus video, limited) 35 pln
VADER Reborn in chaos 30 zł
VADER Sothis 30 zł
VARATHRON His Majesty At The Swamp 30 zł
VARATHRON The Lament of Gods MCD - kultowy Black Metal z Grecji 30 zł
VESANIA Firefrost arcanum (black metal, debut PL))
VOIVOD "Negatron" 28 zł
VOIVOD "Phobos 28 zł
WITCHMASTER Masochistic Devil Worship (new album, Satanic Metal Attack, Profanum members) '02 30 zł
WITCHMASTER Violence & Blasphemy CD (Satanic Black/Thrash, only for true maniacs Polska) 30 zł
YATTEREING Murders concept 30 zł
YATTEREING Human's pain 30 zł

MC demos:
AMON-Amon Demo MC (bloody death metal from Poland)
ARKONA-Imperium MC (slavonic pure black metal from Poland last copies)
ASSASSIN -The Saga Of Nemesis Demo`86 MC (legendary thrash from Deutschland)
BLACK ALTAR-Na Uroczysku... MC (holocaust dark magic metal from Poland)
CZERWONA CHORĄGIEWKA-Idż stąd ! Demo MC (brutal grind a`la Defecation,Agathocles from Poland)
DEIMOS-Zostawiam ci światło Demo`90 MC (typical hard core from Poland)
DESULTORY-Death Unfolds Demo'90 MC (Swedish death metal)
GOD IN RUINS/WATERFALL-Agony Of The Fallen Gods split MC (black metal fromPoland)
HATE-Abhorrence MC (first material death metal from Poland)
HEFEYSTOS/ABUSIVENESS-Vilce Sjen/Watrajar split MC (two Polish pagan black metal hordes)
HELLVETO-Horned Sky MC (true slavonic black metal from Poland)
HELLVETO-Hellveto MC (atmospheric black metal)
HERGORN & HELLVETO-Under The Sign Of Ancient Gods split MC (agressive & monumental Poland)
INFERNUM-Taur-Nu-Fuin MC (slavonic heathen black metal from Poland ex members of Graveland)
NORTH-From The Dark Past MC (genuine slavonic black metal from Poland)
NORTHLAND-Czernoboh MC (slavonic pagan black metal from Poland)
NUCLEAR DEATH-Welcome To the MindsOf The Morbid Demo"87 MC (total death/thrash/gore from USA)
ONE SECOND OF NOISE-Daisy Demo MC (80 extremaly tracks perversion noise/grind from Poland)
PROFANUM-Flowers Of Our Black Misanthropy MC (slavonic black metal from Poland)
PROFANUM-Misanthropiae Floris MC
PROFANUM-Musaeum Esotericum MC
PROFANUM-Profanum Aeternum:Eminence Of Satanic Imperial Art. MC (black metal mixed classical music)
SALTUS-Słowiańska Duma MC (slavonic black metal from Poland)
SARKEL-The Last Glory MC (unholy black metal from Poland)
TITAN MOUNTAIN-Above Fangs Of Majestic Stonetitans MC (symphonic orchestral b/m from Poland)
UKRIVOLSA-Ukrivolsa MC (slavonic ambient melancholic music from Poland)

CD/CD'Rs demos:
ABUSIVENESS-Krzyk Swit CD-R (fast black metal from Poland cover xero)
AMON-Amon CD-R (bloody black/death metal from Poland)
ARKONA-Imperium CD-R (last copies limited edition)
BESAGA-W Mroku ...Ukryci CD-R (true black/death metal art. from Poland)
BLASPHEMY RITES - Demo I 02 CD-R (vomits, sex & blood, in veins of Beherit, Sarcofago, Blasphemy)
BLEEDING ART.-Moja Dusza CD-R (death metal from Poland inspired old death metal school / cover xero)
BLEEDING ART.-In The Eternal Garde Of Death CD-R (brutal death metal / cover xero)
CARPATHIAN FOREST-Live In Darkness (live 17/09/2000 in Italy) CD-R with xero cover limited to 1000
CHEREM-Demo '99 CD-R (melodic brutal black/death metal from Poland )
CRIONICS - Beyond the blazing horizon CDR demo (very good b/m in veins of Emperor, Poland)
ETERNAL TEAR-Embrion CD (doom metal from Poland)
GOLFARON-Odwieczna Pieśń Lasu CD-R (slavonic black metal / cover xero)
GROM/NORTH/MARHOTH-Sovereigns of Northernlands split CD (slavonic b/m from Poland)
GOETIA-Enthroned Upon Dark Skies CD-R (primitive black/thrash metal from Poland, Slayer cover)
HEFEYSTOS-Vilce Sjen MCD digipack (pagan black metal from Poland)
HEFEYSTOS-Hefeystos CD (pagan gothic metal)
HELLVETO -Autumnal night - promo CDR (true slavonic black metal from Poland)
HERJALF-Kiedy Topnieją Śniegi CD-R (viking/doom gothic metal from Poland VERY GOOD)
INFERNUM-Taur-Nu-Fuin CD-R (slavonic heathen black metal from Poland Graveland members)
MEMEMBRIS-Demo 2001 CD-R (melodic black metal from Poland / cover xero)
NORTH-From The Dark Past CD (genuine slavonic black metal from Poland)
NORTH-Thorns On The Black Rose CD-R (limited edition last copies on CD-r)
NORTHLAND-Czernoboh CD-R slavonic pagan black metal from Poland (last copies
PERUNWIT-W Kręgu Dębów CD-R (great ambient folk metal from Poland limited edition last copies)
PROFANUM-Flowers Of Our Black Misanthropy CD-R (slavonic black metal from Poland first material)
SARKEL - Zemsta CD-R (pagan black metal with folk influences from Poland)
SZRON / HATEFUL - split CDR (raw, misanthropic slavonic b/m from Poland #500)
SZRON - Pure slavonic blasphemy - CD (slavonic b/m lim. numbered #500)
TENEBROSUS - Okryty … demo '01 CD-R (great fast and aggressive black metal from Poland)
VADER-Forever Kept Alive bootleg live recorded on CD-R (ask about this)
VELVET THORNS-Where Demons Rise CD (symphonic black metal from Poland)

BLACK MASS OF ABSU-Loothing The Tomb Of… 7"EP (primitive pure satanic black metal from USA)
BLOODSHED-Skullcrusher 7"EP (blackened death metal from Sweden) limited to 666 copies
DENIAL OF GOD-The Crypt Has Eyes 7"EP (black metal from Danmark) limited edition 500 copies
IMMORTAL - Damned in black PLP
IN THE WOODS-Epitaph/Karmakosmik 7"EP
LUST/GOATREICH 666 -split EP (two hordes pure satanic and raw black metal from Italy)
MAYHEM - Grand declaration of war LP
OBTEST-Auka Seniems Dievams LP (heathen war black metal from Lithuania) limited to 333 copies
OKKULTUM MAGNIFICENTIA-Satanick Astral Osmosis EP 7" (killers fast raw black metal from Italy)
TURBO-Dorosłe Dzieci LP
TURBO-Ostatni Wojownik LP (thrash metal from Poland)
VINTERRIKET-Herbstnebel 7"EP (melancholic/ambient black metal from Germany) VINTERRIKET/NORTHAUNT-split 7"EP (two projects of ambient black metal from Germany and Norway)
VOMITO-Gore Mutilation 7"EP (brutal satanic death/grind from Brasil)
WITCHMASTER-Sex,Drugs And Satan 7"EP limited edition 333 copies

220 VOLT-Mind Over Muscle LP (power heavy metal from Sweden)
ANABOTH-Nie Czas Pomiotów CDR (professional covers/ raw black metal from Poland) limited to 200 copies
ANNALIST-Trial CD (progressive art rock from Poland)
ARYAN BLOOD/EISENWINTER-split CD (NS black metal from Germany and Switzerland)
ATHYS-Requiem MC Demo (black metal from Poland / professional xero cover)
AUTUMNBLAZE-DammerElben Tragodie CD (melancholic dark/black metal from Germany)
AZARATH-Demon Seed MC (satanic death/black metal from Poland;Inferno of Behemoth)
AZURE-Moonlight Legend CD (black metal from Sweden)
BELMEZ-Wundgrind CD (black thrash metal in vein old Venom and Bathory Germany)
BESAGA-W Mroku ... Ukryci CDR/MC (professional covers / mystic art black metal from Poland)
BETHLEHEM-Profane Fetmilch Lenzt Elf Krank MCD (dark metal from Germany)
BLOODTHIRST-End Is the Beginning CDR (professional xero covers/ speed/thras/black metal from Poland)
BLUTRACHE-Marsch Zu Neuen Zeitaltern MC (professional cover / NS black metal from Finland; ex Horna member)
BURZUM-Rehersal Demo MC (xero cover)
CARPATHIAN FOREST-Live In Darkness CDR (professional xero covers / live in Italy bootleg) limited to 1000 copies
CARPE NOCTEM-Whirl Of Hate MC (professional xero cover/ symphonic black metal from Poland)
CERNUNNOS-The Forgotten Age Of Heathenism CDR (professional covers / German war black metal) limited to 600 copies
CHRIST AGONY-Unholyunion/Daemoonseth 2 MC
CICATRIX-Disable MC (professional xero cover /death metal from Poland)
CICATRIX-Eviscerated MC (professional full coloured cover/ brutal death metal from Poland)
CICATRIX-Unearth MC (professional xero cover/ brutal death metal from Poland)
CRIONICS-Beyond The Blazing Horizon CDR (full coloured covers / black metal from Poland)
DARK PROPHECIES-…On The edge Of black eternity MC (death/doom/black from Poland/ ex Hate members)
DAZZLING KILLMEN-Dig Out the Switch CD (hard core from USA)
DEMONLORD-Unsacred Soul MC (professional xero cover / black/death metal from Spain)
DER STURMER-The Blood calls For W.A.R. ! CD (NS black metal from Greece)
DOMINIUM-Unknown Dimension CD digi (Symphonic & atmospheric black metal from Poland)
DRAWN-Plan B MCD (progressive black metal from Norway, ex In The Woods)
ECCLESSIA SATANI-Us Satan CD-R (professional covers/ NS epic black metal from Poland limited to 555 copies)
ETERNAL TEAR-Embrion CD (doom metal from Poland)
FIRING SQUAD-Harvest Of War CDR (professional cover / brutal death metal from Poland)
GOAT HORNS-Fullmoon Worship MC (Black Metal in vein old Bathory and Venom; England pro-printed color cover)
GOLFARON-Odwieczna Pieśń Lasu CD-R (xero covers/ NS pagan black metal from Poland)
GRIMUACK-A.G.L.A. CD (raw black metal from Spain)
HANGOVER-Terrorbeer MCD-R (retro thrash/black fuck metal from Poland)
HELLVETO-Hellveto MC (professional cover / atmospheric pagan black metal from Poland)
HELLVETO-Horned Sky MC (professional cover /symphonic pagan black metal from Poland)
HELLVETO-Medieval Scream MC (professional cover/ symphonic pagan black metal from Poland)
HERGORN/HELLVETO-split MC (NS black metal/pagan black metal from Poland) professional cover
HOLY DEATH-Forever Burning Ashes CD (black metal from Poland)
IMAGO MORTIS-Mors Triumphalis CDR (NS raw black metal from Italy)
IMPERATOR-The Time Before Time CD/LP/MC (cult of thrash/death/black metal band's from Poland)
INFERNUM-Taur-Nu-Fuin CDR / MC (professional covers/ black metal with Graveland members)
LEBENSSTEUER-Deadsmile CD (electric new metal from Poland)
LONGOBARDEATH/ TRUE ENDLESS-Ki l'e'Dur/Al Curnac Da Torg MC (Thrash/Death/Black Metal from Italy) 200 copies
LUX OCCULTA-Forever Alone Immortal CD/MC
LUX OCCULTA-My Guardian Anger MC/PLP (occult black metal from Poland) PLP limited to 333 copies
LUX OCCULTAThe Forgotten arts MC
MISTERIA-Masquerade CD/MC (death/black metal from Poland)
MISTERIA-universe Funeral CD/MC
MOON-Daemon's Heart CD/MC (black metal from Poland; Cezar of Christ agony and Doc of Vader)
MOON-Satan's Wept CD/MC
MORBID/MAYHEM-A Tribute To the Black Emperor MC (full coloured cover / black metal from Scandinavia)
NOKTURNAL MORTUM-Goat Horns MC (Great NS Black Metal from Ukraine)
NOKTURNAL MORTUM-Lunar Poetry MC (Great NS Black Metal from Ukraine)
NORTH-From The Dark Past CD/MC (Slavonic black metal from Poland)
NORTHLAND-Czernoboh CD-R / MC (professional covers/ monumental Slavonic hate black metal from Poland)
NORTH-Thorns Of The Black Rose CDR/MC (professional covers / Slavonic pagan black metal from Poland)
OBERON-Oberon MCD (melancholic neofolk in vein Of The wand & The Moon and Death In June from Norway)
OBSIDIAN-Niederkunst Des Chaos CDR (super professional xero covers / German war black metal) limited to 333 copies
ORCRIST-The Third Imperium MC (Pure Fucking Raw Black Metal from Italy) limited to 200 copies
PARRICIDE-Illtreat CD (Polish brutal death metal in vein US style)
PERUNICA-Święte Dziedzictwo Przodków MC (professional xero cover/ NS black metal from Poland)
PERUNWIT-W Kręgu Dębów CDR (professional covers/ pagan folk black metal from Poland)
PROFANUM-Flowers Of Our black Misanthropy CDR/ MC (professional covers/ Slavonic black metal from Poland)
PROFANUM-Misanthropiae Floris CD/MC
PROFANUM-Museaum Esotericum CD/MC
PROFANUM-Profanum Aeternum CD/MC (symphonic black metal from Poland)
PRO-PAIN-Act Of God CD (thrashcore from USA)
RECTAL SLUDGE-Scraps Of Children's Meat MCD-R (full coloured covers/ brutal grind/death from Poland)
SACRADIS-Sacradis CDR (raw black meatl from Italy)
SANATORIUM-Arrival Of The Forgotten Ones CD (brutal death metal from Slovakia)
SELBSTMORD-Some Day The Whole world… MC (professional cover / NS black metal from Poland)
SPITE EXTREME WING-same MC (professional cover/ raw black metal from Italy)
SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS- Poems Of The Wretches Hearts MCD (fast black metal in vein Burzum from Germany)
TENEBROSUS-Demo 2001 CD-R (full professional coloured cover raw black metal from Poland)
THE TRUE ENDLESS-Live And Raw MC (professional cover/ NS raw black metal from Italy) limited to 200 copies
TOTAL ECLIPSE-Omega 1 CDR (professional cover / thrash/heavy metal from Poland)
TRAUMA-Comedy Is Over CD/MC
TRAUMA-Crash Test: Live CD/MC
TRAUMA-Daimonion CD/MC (super technical death metal from Poland)
TRAUMA-Suffocated Slumber CD/MC
UNNAMED-Id CD (gothic/heavy/death metal from Poland)
V/A A Tribute To Mercyful Fate CD (Emperor,Deceased,Notre dame,Armageddon,Dark tranquility,Luciferion,Immolation/
V/A Czarne Zastępy-Tribute to Kat CD/MC (Luciferion,Vader,Behemoth,Damnation,Hermh,Sacrilegium,Taranis,North,Grom/
VARATHRON-His Majesty at the swamp CD/MC/PLP
VARATHRON-The Lament Of the Gods CD/MC/PLP (black metal from Greece) PLP limited to 333 copies
WINDS OF GARDEN-Dusze Martwych Drzew MC (professional cover/ symphonic art. B/m from Poland/LON for Hellveto)

Amorphis The karelian isthmus 1992 Relapse
Anathema Judgement 1999 Music for nations
Atrocity The art of death 1992 Metalcore
Beherit Drawing down the moon 1994 Spinefarm
Blasphereion Rest in peace 1992 Osmose
Bolt Thrower The IVth crusade 1992 Earache
Bolt Thrower ...for victory 1995 Earache
Cadaver ...in pains 1992 Earache
Cave Nick & Bad Seeds The good son 1990 Mute
Cave Nick & Bad Seeds Let love in 1994 Mute
Cave Nick & Bad Seeds Kicking againts the pricks 1986 Mute
Cocteau Twins Treasure 1984 4AD
Dead Can Dance A passage in time 1991 4AD
Dead Can Dance Into the labirynth 1993 4AD
Demonic Records Compilation Demonic records compilation 1999 Demonic Records
Diabolos Rising 666 1995 Osmose
Disastrous Murmur Rhapsodies in red 1992 Osmose
Edge Of Sanity The spectral sorrows 1993 Black Mark
Edge Of Sanity Purgatory afterglow 1994 Black Mark
Edge Of Sanity Until eternity ends 1994 Black Mark
Einsturzende Neubauten Ende neu 1996 Mute
Entombed Wolverine blues 1993 Earache
Fear Factory Soul of a new machine 1993 Roadrunner
G.G.F.H. Disease 1993 Peaceville/Dreamtime
Gathering Almost a dance 1994 Foundation 2000
Gerrard Lisa The mirror pool 1995 4AD
Gerrard Lisa & Pieter Bourke Duality 1999 4AD
Godfather ost 1972 MCA
Godflesh Songs of love and hate 1996 Earache
Grave Soulless 1994 Century Media
Interview With The Vampire ost 1994 Geffen
Isengard Vinterskugge 1995 Peaceville
King Crimson THRAK 1995 Virgin
Kramer Wayne Dangerous madness 1996 Epitaph
Kyuss Blues for the red sun 1992 Warner
Lacrimosa Elodia 0 Hall Of Sermon
Lacrimosa Einsamkeit
Lacrimosa Angst
Lacrimosa Satura
Lacrimosa Inferno
Last Of The Mohicans ost 1996 Edel
Legendary Pink Dots Brighter now 0 Play It Again Sam
Legendary Pink Dots Curse 0 Play It Again Sam
Legendary Pink Dots The Maria demension 1988 Play It Again Sam
Legendary Pink Dots The golden age 1988 Play It Again Sam
Legendary Pink Dots Hallway of the gods 1997 Play It Again Sam
Lutosławski Ostatni koncert 1993 Kos
Malevolent Creation Retribution 1992 Roadrunner
Manslaughter Infernal Madness 1991 Carnage
Master On the seventh day god created...Master 0 Nuclear Blast
Mayhem Live in Leipzig 1994 wydanie z 1994 roku
Megaslaughter (Swe) calls from the … death metal Massacre rec. 1992
Moonspell Sin/Pecado 1998 Century Media
Mordor Prayer to... 1993 Promus
Morgoth Odium 1993 Century Media
My Dying Bride The trash of naked limbs 1993 Peaceville
Napalm Death Utopia banished 1992 Earache
Napalm Death Fear, emptiness, despair 1994 Earache
Napalm Death Death by manipulation 1991 Earache
Nightfall Macabre sunsets 1994 Holy
Nightfall Parade into centuries 1993 Holy
Obituary World demise 1994 Roadrunner
Pandemonium The ancient catatonia 1994 Baron
Paradise Lost Shades of god 1992
Paradise Lost Icon 1993
Phlebotomized Immense intense suspense 1995 Cyber Music
Pink Floyd Obscured by cloudes 1972 EMI
Pink Floyd Meddle 1971 EMI
Pink Floyd Atom heart mother 1970 EMI
Pink Floyd Ummagumma 1969 EMI
Pink Floyd The division bell 1994 EMI
Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon 1992 EMI Pink Floyd Pulse 1995 EMI
Pitch Shifter Submit 1992 Earache
Pitch Shifter Desensitized 1995 Earache
Pungent Stench Club mondo bizarre 1994 Nuclear Blast
Pungent Stench Dirty rhymes and psychotronic beats 1993 Nuclear Blast
Pyogenesis Sweet x-rated nothings 1994 Nuclear Blast
Rollins Band Weight 1994 Imago
Rotting Christ Thy mighty contract 1993 Osmose
S.O.D. Live at Budokan 1995 Music for nations
Sadness Danteferno 1995 Godhead
Scorn Vae solis 1992 Earache
Scum Mother nature 1994 Black Mark
Sinister Cross the Styx 1991 Nuclear Blast
Sinister Diabolical summoning 1993 Nuclear Blast
Storm Nordavind 1995 Tatra/Moonfog
Suffocation Breeding the spawn 1993 Roadrunner
Type'O'Negative The origin of the feces 1992 Roadracer
Unholy The second ring of power 1995 Avantgarde Music
Unleashed Shadows in the deep 1992 Century Media
Vader The ultimate incantation 1992 Earache
I have only MC of the Phlebotomized. I'ts original of course with full booklet and mint condition.
Dying Sun said:
What precisely are you looking for? I'm interested in the Phlebotomized disc...