2023 Forum migration and upgrade complete.


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Sep 30, 2001
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The passion project known as Ultimate Metal has been migrated to a new server, upgraded to the newest software, and search has been restored to its former power and glory!

We'll be sharing all the new features, but I would have to say my favorite is... native GIF responses! When creating threads or replies, there's now a "GIF" button you can utilize, along with many other new features for posting.

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Nice work!

Would it be possible to have all https://ultimatemetal.com/forum/* links redirect to https://ultimatemetal.com/* links? A lot of existing links posted would still work if the /forum/ bit was automatically stripped out, such as the link in my signature for example.

The subforums are also a bit more hidden away now, which mostly doesn't matter, except for GMD Social Forum as it's one of the most active. Maybe it deserves to graduate.

I also miss seeing a bit more info about users (such as post count) under their avatars in threads but I'm sure things can be added back over time. And circular avatars are silly - especially if some metalheads use album art for their avatars. A bit of that corporate Facebook smell. 😁
(these are fixed now, cheers!)

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I thought the site crashed or had a back time travel :tickled:. Lots of old threads surfacing, color changes, etc.

Glad to know that is an ongoing overhaul, thanks for your effort \m/
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Maybe you mean that there are more threads listed per page, but they seem to be ordered as normal from where I'm sitting.

We could just do with a thick line to separate sticky threads from regular threads more clearly. (fixed!)
Yeah don't mind me. It was the initial shock :p
The bold effect on the titles of unread threads doesn't seem strong enough in the UM Light & UM Dark themes. It's hard to notice which threads are unread. If you switch to the UM Clean theme it's amazing to see how much more obvious they are there!
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